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Season 3

Episode 87

(I believed him)

"Honesty is the most important thing in a cooperation," Leila said, looking at Paula. "If you can't even tell me your real motive, I don't think I will ever cooperate with you."

"Since the first day Autumn entered the company, I have disliked her. The way she always pretended to be superior and innocent ticks me off. After she was fired, she found a rich husband and became the General Manager of Cloud Advertising Company. It's unfair. Why is she always favored by fortune?" Paula lamented after a long hesitation.

"That's why I'm reaching out to you and join forces. You can take away her lover, while I... steal her career. We are going to destroy her life bit by bit," she continued with a cold smile.

Leila liked what she heard. 'I don't care about her career, but I yearn for... a romantic love,' she sighed, dreaming of Charles.

"Then... I hope this works. We have to cooperate well." Leila agreed, offering her hand first.

"I hope so." Paula gave a complacent laugh. "Leila, I need you to do me a favor today."

"Already? Ok, what do you want me to do?" Leila responded, brows raised. 'As we are now partners, I will try my best to back her,' Leila thought excitedly.

"Weren't you on good terms with Autumn before she was dismissed from Cloud Advertising Company? I need you to steal the proposal plan and execution details for the Giant Promise Company project that she is working on," Paula whispered to Leila.

"Why do you need that?" Leila asked in confusion.

"Autumn has been infamous in this circle for plagiarism. Tomorrow, my company and Cloud Advertising Company are going to bid for an event. What do you think... will become of her if my company shows her event proposal first?" Paula couldn't help but snicker at the thought of that happenning.

'The party who makes the presentation first will have the advantage. If Autumn makes the exact same presentation as the previous one, she would be accused of copying it. But if she backs out right on the spot, she will have to drop her bid.'

Paula would be glad to see either case.
"But... I'm not sure whether I can get it," Leila responded, wrinkling her nose. 'Autumn is wary of me. If I suddenly try to get close to her, she will be suspicious of my intention,' thought Leila to herself.
"Anyway, just do your best," Paula replied, not looking disappointed. She knew that Leila would spare no effort to get the scheme if she really wanted to get Charles. That's why she didn't push Leila too hard.

"Well, I will take this afternoon off." Leila nodded. When she returned to work, she headed straight to Charles's office. "What's up? Do you have anything for me?" Charles asked, as Leila stood in front of him not saying a word.

"Mr. Lu, may I ask to take the afternoon off?" Leila asked cautiously.

"You don't need to come to me for this trivial matter. Just go to the HR Department," Charles responded, without even raising his head.

"I..." Leila stammered. She had intended to see Charles's response after she asked for a leave. However, it turned out that Charles did not care one bit. "I came to tell you that I have organized all the documents you needed. Alice will turn them in later."

"I see," Charles responded with a little nod. "You don't look well. Are you okay?" he asked, lifting his head and noticing Leila's pale look.

"Yes, I'm fine," Leila replied, pretending to cough. "I seem to have caught a cold."

"Keep warm and have a good rest then," Charles replied and went back to work. Upon hearing this, Leila became ecstatic. She was willing to do anything to get Charles.

"Mr. Lu, I am leaving now," she said in a sweet voice and a matching bright smile.

"Ok. See you tomorrow," Charles returned. Charles's words not only flung Leila into excitement, but made her more determined to win his affection.

After finishing the leave procedures, Leila headed for Cloud Advertising Company immediately.

Without Isla, Autumn had been busier than usual. She asked someone to find her the previous plan they had worked out for Giant Promise Company to see if she could find anything good to apply to her current scheme.

When Leila arrived at Autumn's office, she was reading that plan. When she heard someone knocking at her office door, she raised her head and said, "Come in."

"Autumn." Leila smiled at Autumn, as she pushed the door open.

"What are you doing here?" Autumn asked. Autumn's face darkened with displeasure at the sight of Leila.

"I came to see you," Leila replied, standing at the door. "May... I come in?" she asked timidly.

"Sure." 'Whatever reason she came for, it's improper to keep her standing at the door,' Autumn thought. They both took a seat near the window.

"Why did you come here today?" Autumn asked, raising her eyebrow.

"I..." Leila muttered. "Autumn, I know that you're upset with me. I came here to resolve this misunderstanding," she continued after a long pause.

"Misunderstanding?" Autumn responded with a sniff. Since she had a talk with Charles that night, Autumn had decided not to bother herself with Leila. No matter what Leila was planning, she had faith in her husband more. Therefore, she had already ignored her existence, let alone misunderstand her.

"You may be mistaken. Don't worry. We are good," Autumn said coolly. "I introduced you to work in Shining Company, and Charles is satisfied with your performance there. That's enough."
"Please listen to me," Leila insisted. 'So Autumn never regarded me as a threat?' she wondered.

"I don't know why my colleagues blamed me for seducing Mr. Lu. They must have made a mistake. Autumn, you're my savior and I'll never betray you. I am afraid that you may get angry at me after hearing rumors like that. So I took the afternoon off and came here to talk to you."

"Really?" Autumn was skeptical. She had seen through Leila's thoughts. 'She wants me to believe the rumors about Charles and her.' she thought. "You think too much. I trust my husband and firmly believe that he will never cheat on me. There is nothing to worry about."

"Well..." Leila smiled bitterly and continued, "I feel much better."

"Anything else?" Autumn asked, as she saw that Leila had no intention of leaving.


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