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Season 3

Episode 84

(Stephen show his true face)

"You can call him if you're really worried about him." Joanna could tell that Isla hadn't totally forgotten Aron yet. Isla still cared about him. She was just afraid of getting hurt again, so she tried to protect herself by suppressing her emotions for him.

Isla was so worried about Aron that she forgot what the movie was about. It must have been a comedy because the audience would occasionally burst into laughter. But Isla couldn't concentrate on the movie. She felt like an idiot sitting there with a stranger.

"We still have much time now, so how about finding somewhere quiet to have a talk?" Stephen suggested when the movie ended. Evidently, Isla was not in mood, so she apologized to Stephen. "I'm sorry. I'm too tired today. I want to go home and rest."

"Tired?" Stephen felt a little disappointed. Then he did some thinking for a moment and got excited immediately. "My house is not far away and I live alone, so you can have a rest there." he told Isla with a sinister smile.

Isla saw through his evil intention. She thought he was a good person before, but now she found that she was wrong. "What do you mean?" Isla asked him to make sure she didn't misunderstand his intention.

"Come on. We are both adults. It is something that we need to try before we get married. There is nothing to be worried about. Let's just do it like a couple." Stephen looked at Isla impatiently.

Isla sneered, then she said, "Sorry I don't understand what you mean. Can you make it clear?"

"What?" Stephen couldn't believe she didn't get what he meant. She is a woman who is not young any more. Should he spell it out for her? "I mean that we can have sex... Let's try it before we get married. If you are not satisfied with my skill in bed, we can just stop seeing each other and not waste each other's time."

Isla couldn't believe what she was hearing. Where did this pig come from? But she tried her best to refrain from making a scene and told him, "I'm sorry but I think you must have mistaken me for someone else. I'm not that kind of woman. Our relationship is not solid as you think it is. You must be imagining things. And based on today, I think we have no need to go further."

Isla was disappointed with Stephen. She felt like an idiot to have believed that he was a trustworthy man.

"Ohhh, are you pretending to be an innocent girl? Come on, I can see it in your eyes. You want to make love with me." Then he grabbed her hand and said, "Let's go and have a try. I promise you will feel things that you have never felt in your life. And you will fall in love with me."

"Let me go!" Isla pushed him away and warned him, "You son of a bitch, it is over between us. If you so much as look at me in a dirty way, I promise that I'll have you locked in jail. So don't try to harass me again. Am I understood?"

"Where are you going in such a hurry?"

Stephen held her hand with all his strength to stop her from leaving. Isla tried to get rid of his hands but failed. Then Stephen dragged her into his car. Isla was in a panic for his violent behavior.

"I've spent so much money for you, so I can't just let you go without getting anything in return." He panted heavily. "You have no choice but to sleep with me tonight if you want me to release you."

Stephen pressed her into the seat of the car while cursing her. Isla was so scared and couldn't help crying. She had gotten overwhelmed that her strength drained from her body. She felt very helpless. At this moment, the door of the car was opened violently by someone else. A man appeared out of nowhere and struck Stephen to the ground. Aron had come.

She was so afraid that she even had no time to think about why Aron came before. She got out of the car and hid behind him instinctively.

"Are you all right?" Aron asked her with concern.

"I'm fine." She tried to be calm but couldn't help crying as she saw Aron's face. She was really freaking out.

"Don't cry," Aron consoled her with a tender voice. He wiped the tears on her face. Later on, Stephen stood up and asked him, "Who are you? What the hell do you want, stopping me from punishing my girlfriend?"

Aron sheltered Isla with his body, then he quietly looked at Stephen with cold eyes.

"Fine. I know who you are." Stephen sneered and added to Isla, "No wonder you wouldn't go home with me. Is this man sexing you well?"

Stephen used more harsh words, "You are so shameless. You go on a date with me while maintaining an affair with another man. And you pretend to be innocent and pure, bitch?"

"Pay attention to your words!" Isla warned him with tears on her face.

"No. You pay attention to your behavior. You have been cheating on me, remember? To tell you the truth, I am dating you just because you have a good-looking face. You are just an old woman and nobody will love you." Stephen was pulling on all the stops to humiliate Isla.


Isla was annoyed and wanted to argue with Stephen. Aron was also irritated. He took off his suit and was ready to beat him up, but Isla held him back and said, "It's a waste of time to fight this asshole."

"What do you want to do?

Do you want to beat me up? I warn you if you lay a finger on me, I'll call the police, you son of a bitch!" Stephen moved a few steps backwards, afraid of Aaron.

Now he still felt pain from Stephen's punch. He didn't dare fight against Aron, so he could only release his anger by cursing.

"Say it again! I'll kill you, bitch!" Aron completely lost his temper now. He was polite with everybody, but he couldn't bear Stephen's dirty words any more and decided to teach him a lesson.

At this moment, Isla grasped his hand with all her strength to stop him.

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