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Season 3

Episode 83

(Worrying Aron)

"I came here looking for you for two reasons. One is to personally apologize to you." Joanna looked at Isla with sincerity, and said, "I feel sorry for what I did to you before. I was misled by Becky, and made you suffer so much. I am here to make a sincere apology to you."

"Grandma Joanna, please don't do that." Isla had waited for this "apology" for such a long time, but now that it was really happening, she felt weird and uncomfortable. It never felt like how she thought it would be. She replied, "You were also kept in the dark from the beginning to the end. How could I blame you?"

Joanna could now see that Isla was a considerate girl. Why did she use to think of her as a scheming bitch?"

"Isla, I am such a thoughtless old woman. I am. How should I believe Becky's words full of lies and loopholes." Joanna gave her a bitter smile. It was because Becky's "perfect" acting led her to make such a mistake.

"It's not your fault, Grandma Joanna." Isla smiled with tenderness, and continued to ask, "Today you come here ... only to apologize to me? If so, it's really unnecessary. I have actually forgotten about it."

"And the other reason is ......" Joanna was hesitant whether to continue. Joanna glanced at Isla with a guilty conscience. She seemed too embarrassed to mention it. After a while, she continued, "Is that your boyfriend?"

"Oh, are you talking about Stephen?" Isla was a little amazed at Joanna's question, and she shook her head at once, "No, he is not..... yet. I'm not young any longer, so my parents are pressuring me to get married. I have been going on blind dates these days, and the boy you see is my blind date today."

Isla smiled but with a bit of embarrassment to Joanna. She added, "He is kind to me, and I also like it when he is around. But I want to make friends with him first."

After hearing Isla's explanation, Joanna felt a little awkward. Isla has begun to move on and look for a new life that totally belonged to her. Unfortunately, Aron was still immersed in the last relationship, failing to free himself.

Aron got completely drunk last night. She hadn't seen Aron lose himself drinking during the years when they lived together. She was the one who made everything into a mess. As a result, Joanna thought it was a must for her to visit Isla so that she could make up for her mistakes.

No matter what difficulties there would be, she should try her best to overcome them.

"Grandma Joanna, if you have some words to speak to me, just go ahead." Isla noticed Joanna appearing embarrassed, so she asked Joanna on her own.

On hearing that, Joanna simply dropped all her shyness. She raised up her head, saying, "Isla, in fact, it is hard for me to tell you the second reason why I come here for you. But for my grandson who has failed me and his happiness, I have to have a word with you."

As soon as Isla heard what Joanna said, she knew that the following words that come from her mouth would have something to do with Aron. Considering this, Isla couldn't help her heart beating loud. But she still pretended to be composed, and replied, "Yes? What's the matter?"

"Before I came here today, I have well organized the words that I planned to tell you. But now, as I really sit in front you, I have no idea what to say." Joanna smiled with bitterness. After some hesitation, she eventually decided to talk to Isla, "I previously didn't know how your relationship with Aron was going, but last night, I thought I began to understand Aron's feelings."

"Isla, Aron is truly fond of you. After he came to see you yesterday, he didn't come back until this morning. He came back, drunk. He was muttering something to himself. And it was your name he was muttering after I carefully made it out." Joanna glanced at Isla, adding, "I must pay the price for the mistakes that I made previously, rather than to win your sympathy. You love Aron, too, as I know, or you won't remain single after you broke up with him. Without any involvement from me, you two should have rekindled your relationship when Aron came back from abroad."

Isla took a spoon to stir the coffee slowly, trying to ease her discomfort. After a while, she raised her head and said, "Grandma Joanna, you are right. I used to really like Aron a lot before, but ......"

"But what?" Joanna asked.

"But ...... I have ended my relationship with him. There is no one to blame. What I can only say is that perhaps we are not destined to be together." Isla smiled bitterly, and told her real feelings to the elderly woman.

"But, Isla, you still love him, don't you?" Joanna felt the heat go across her face. She continued, "At that time, you were forced to break up with each other due to my meddling. I really feel so sorry. I give you my sincere apologies. Could you please reunite with him? For us? For my sake?"

"Grandma Joanna ....." Isla had no choice but to look at Mrs. Joanna. She explained, "It's not your fault at all. I just think it will be too exhausting if I choose to continue my relationship with Aron."

"Are you so resolute?" Joanna looked at Isla, frowning. "Aron has suffered so much for you. Do you really have the heart to let him go this way?"

"Grandma, don't worry about him. It won't take long before he gets better." Isla smiled calmly, "It's been four years since I broke up with Aron. I admit that I have never forgotten him. But as you can see, I am taking an active part in blind dates because I want to move on with my life.

I don't want to be a slave to what happened four years ago. Aron will realize this sooner or later."

Isla stood up and said with politeness, "Grandma Joanna, if you have nothing else to say, I think it's time for me to leave now. I have to deal with other affairs."

Taking her handbag, Isla was about to leave. She had only taken a few steps when Joanna started crying behind her, "Isla, Aron is now in the hospital. Don't you still care about him?"

Isla was shocked and couldn't say anything. She stopped and turned around. She asked Joanna, "What are you saying?"

"I say Aron now is in the hospital. Have you really lost all love and care for him?" Joanna answered with tears in her eyes.

"What happened to him?" Isla sounded worried, "But why? Why is he in the hospital? Is it serious?"

Hearing that Aron was in hospital, Isla's heart softened. She asked Joanna nervously, which completely unmasked her care for Aron at the same time.

A ray of hope and joy glistened through Joanna's eyes, but she remained calm on the surface. She asked Isla, "You seem not to care about my grandson any more, do you?"

"What's the matter with him, Grandma Joanna? What happened?" She held Joanna's hands tightly, without noticing the nuance of Joanna's expression.


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