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Season 3

Episode 81


"What's wrong? Why are you apologizing to me?" Actually, Autumn knew why Chris was saying sorry, but this had nothing to do with Chris. There was no reason for her to apologize.

"I've heard all about Aunt Jane. I'm really sorry to have gotten you involved." Chris couldn't express her guilt enough. She had no idea it was going to be like this, and she didn't know what to do.

"Please don't feel guilty. You had nothing to do with it." Autumn smiled. "I just hope that it won't affect your relationship with Sam..."

"Autumn..." Chris was moved beyond words, her eyes gleaming with gratitude.
The next morning, after breakfast, Autumn went to work. All morning, the projects of the company kept her busy.

Before lunch time, Sam called her. When she saw the caller ID, she hesitated and let it ring for a long time, but finally she picked up the phone. "Sam, is there something important that you had to call?" she asked directly to the point.

"Thank god you answered the phone." Sam was relieved to hear her voice. He was really afraid that Autumn was avoiding him.

"How could that be?" Autumn answered quietly.

"I'm downstairs in front of your office now. It's almost lunch time. Let's go to lunch together," Sam suggested. Hearing this, Autumn looked perplexed.

"I don't think..." Autumn paused for a second, "that's a good idea." In this sensitive time, she did not want to have any contact with Sam at all, for fear of being misunderstood after being seen by others. She wanted to keep her distance from him as much as possible to avoid unnecessary trouble. And she actually wanted to end this phone call with him as soon as possible.

"Why? Tell me," Sam persisted. Sam knew Autumn was still upset because of Jane's unreasonable behavior towards her. But that was why he was inviting her to lunch. He wanted to personally apologize to her.

"Whatever, I will wait for you at the restaurant two blocks form your office. Come over whenever you are ready. Or do you want me to come get you?" Sam declared in a decisive tone.

"Sam..." Autumn felt that she was thrown into a predicament. "You know, we shouldn't be seen together. What your mother did yesterday, wasn't your fault but we should really keep our distance. I don't want people to think that I'm your whore, okay?" It took a lot of courage for Autumn to blurt it out.

"Little Ye..." Sam gave a helpless sigh and went on, "I apologize for my mother's rudeness. I am so sorry. But given my relationship with Chris, there's no way that we can avoid each other. Are you going to hide from me for the rest of your life? We have a clear conscience.

We are doing nothing wrong. Why do you care so much how others think? We should not do anything to avoid arousing suspicion at this time, because we have not done anything immoral." Sam replied resolutely.

"Er..." Autumn thought about what Sam said. He had a point. She was still hesitating when Sam's voice came over the phone again. "I'll be waiting for you at the Western Restaurant beside the Lotus coffee shop two blocks from here. Come by lunchtime."

"Well, all right." Autumn reluctantly agreed.

When lunch time came, Isla came and asked Autumn to have lunch with her. Autumn politely refused, "Sorry Isla, but I have an appointment for lunch."

"Oh okay, some other time, then." Isla replied. After Isla left, Autumn put on her coat and went to the Western Restaurant that Sam mentioned. And as soon as she entered the restaurant, she saw Sam sitting by the window waving to her.

"Hello, Sam." Autumn went to him with a greeting. Then she sat opposite him and said, "If you want to say something, say it briefly. My company is quite busy these days and I don't have much time for lunch."

"OK then." Sam smiled. "I've already ordered several dishes. No matter how busy you are, you shouldn't starve yourself, don't you think?"

Just then, the waiter came to serve what Sam ordered. Autumn looked at the dishes and saw that they were all her favorites. She did not expect that Sam would still remember her preferences after breaking up with her so many years ago.

However, Autumn was not moved by this. Instead, she felt uncomfortable and even pressured.

"Try this. I remember you like it the most," Sam said and put some of it on Autumn's plate.

Autumn ate only a little. The dishes tasted good, but she really wasn't in the mood to enjoy them. She felt like a fish in hot water sitting there. "I'm full, Sam. Tell me what you want to say," Autumn said, putting down her knife and fork.

Sam heaved a sigh. Knowing that Autumn was in no mood to eat, he too put down his knife and fork. "I came to see you today for two reasons. One is to apologize, and the other is... There's something I need your help with," he said, looking seriously at Autumn.

"Again, you don't have to apologize. I know you. You had nothing to do with it. Come on, what is it, about the help?" Autumn replied, a bit impatiently. "Here's the thing. You know about Chris and me," Sam said after a pause. "It was not easy for us to get to this point. But anyway, it happened. I'm worried that the Lu family would have a problem with me. So, I want you to help me persuade the Lu family to meet mine. I want to personally apologize to them."

"Why don't you discuss that with Chris?" Autumn asked, a little confused.

Sam let out a heavy sigh at her question, and answered, "I want to discuss it with her. But since she learned that my mother went to your company yesterday and made a scene, she's been picking on me all over the place. Now she doesn't even answer my calls anymore. Before that she threatened to break up with me."

Sam looked at Autumn helplessly. "So, I can only ask you for help."

Autumn knitted her brows, pondering for a long while. She finally said, "I can help you, Sam, but... there's one condition that you must agree to."

"Just say it. I'll agree to ten conditions as long as you help me." Sam responded with excitement.

"I don't have that many conditions," Autumn said, rolling her eyes. "You know, your mother really knows nothing about me yet she has decided that she hated me. It's been so many years since we broke up, but she still remembers it. I want you to explain our relationship to her. If you really want to marry Chris, this must be settled once and for all. As you said, there's no way that we can avoid each other. If she continues to be like that, we'll both be miserable every time we meet."

"Rest assured. Even if you didn't ask me to do it, I'll explain it to her, " Sam nodded in agreement. Somehow, he had a vague feeling that someone was feeding bad ideas to his mother, so he had to find out.

"Then wait for me to say when it is okay, " Autumn nodded slightly. "I have to get back to work now, Sam. There's still a lot of work for me to do. I'll call you when it's done."

"Okay, goodbye." Sam didn't insisted that she stayed.


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