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Season 4


(Meet Rachel again)

"So Isla you don't have to belittle yourself or even bring your own self down. Every family has its skeletons in the closet. I love you, because of your kindness and sincerity. No one could replace you. Do you understand me?" Aron said firmly yet gently while holding Isla by her shoulders. "Yes, I understand now," responded Isla, finally enlightened.

"Aron, no matter what happens in the future, I know that you can handle it."

"Yes, it seems that you have come round now," said Aron, letting out a sigh of relief. He grinned, feeling relieved seeing that Isla is no longer emotionally crippled. As soon as he sent Isla back, Aron began to negotiate with his grandparents their meeting with Isla's parents.

"Have you made up your mind? You should be clear about everything this time," said Joanna. Though Joanna and Mike did not show any disapproval, they reminded Aron to think twice before making such a big decision. After all marriage is one of the most important events in a man's life. Aron was no exception. That big wedding fiasco with Becky had left a very bad taste in the mouth for Joanna and Mike so much that the fear still lingered.

"Yes, I have thought about it for a long time. I know what I am doing." Aron replied to reassure his grandparents. "I choose Isla to be the one I will spend the rest of my life with. It feels right this time. I know that this is the best decision I have made my entire life. That's why I am going to need your support.

"Very well. If that is where you stand then we will be 100% behind you on this. Like we always say, you are a grown man now and you are entitled to your own decisions. We trust your sound judgement. We have interfered with your love life before, and it brought you nothing but pain and agony. It almost killed your grandmother! But..."

Saying this, Mike furrowed his eye brows and paused.

"What, grandpa?" Aron knew that when this happened, his grandparents were about to say something really important.
"Aron, your uncle is coming back soon," said Joanna. Joanna looked at Aron worryingly and continued, "Aron, you have been living with us for so many years and your uncle is not happy about it. He thinks that we have paid too much attention to you or even spoiled you.

That is why he doesn't want you to change your surname to your mother's. I am afraid that he'd give you trouble. So you should watch out."

"Yes, he is your uncle but he is also my son. Your grandma and I are no longer young. We are too old to poke our noses into your uncle's business. Anyway, you have to take care of yourself. I am worried about you, but we could do nothing to help you. The time will come when your grandpa and I will also have to leave this earth. Aron, you must understand us."

Joanna and Mike couldn't help but feel sad that they were helpless in this situation. They should be living a peaceful and happy retirement. Instead, their son married a vicious woman who was ready to give them hell. Had they foreseen that, they would have stopped their son from getting married to that woman. But it was too late.

Nothing they could do can turn back the time.. Nor could they do anything to fix the situation.

"Don't worry, grandma. I will take care of it. I know how to handle it." Though Aron was as helpless as they were when he heard this news, he had to accept it and figure out a way to deal with it.

He knew very well that he was about to face much trouble in the days to come.

"But if he is going to give you a hard time, you have to tell us. We won't just stand by and do nothing." Joanna let out a sigh and then went on, "It is my fault.

All our children married the wrong person. You mother shouldn't have married Simon and I didn't expect that he would betray her. Your uncle also married a vicious woman who has caused a turmoil within the family."

"Grandma, that's not your fault. You shouldn't blame yourself for that." Aron put his arms around his grandmother to comfort her. "It is late, grandma. You should go to bed and have a good rest. I will take care of all this. Don't worry."

"I will. Thank you my dear boy." When his grandparents went back to their bedroom, Aron went to his study room to resume and catch up on unfinished work. It was time for him to deal with it since he had be gone for quite a while.

Aron would not be intimidated by his uncle who was coming back soon. He didn't want to get his grandparents to be caught in the middle of another major family drama. They were now too old to go through such torment.

The next day morning, when Autumn got up, she found Charles had already gone to work. He had been busy with his work these days and always went off in the early morning, not returning till late at night. Even if he came back early, he would only keep himself inside his office to work some more. They hadn't had a good conversation in a long time.

But he had no choice since the company had gone through a serious speed bump. Though Charles always said that the cooperation with Light House Company was of no great importance, Autumn knew that he was under great pressure.

However, Charles never complained about it to Autumn since he didn't want Autumn to worry.

"Autumn, the Giant Promise Company has made a remittance. Shall we discuss about the suitable venue today?" Now that Isla had cleared the air with Aron, she had become very cheerful. Taking a look at her arrangement, Autumn nodded slightly. "Okay, wait for a moment. Let's go somewhere nice after I send this email." replied Autumn.

"Okay. I will wait for you then." Isla nodded and sat down, waiting for her. "How's it going? Did yesterday go well?" Autumn asked with a grin.

"Yes. We have handled it properly," replied Isla. She blushed out of embarrassment and then went on to add, "I am really sorry. Please don't laugh at me."

"Hey, Isla. Don't say that! You are my best friend. Never regard me as an outsider." With a soft smile, Autumn reassured her.
When Autumn was ready, they headed off to an up and coming guest house.

Giant Promise Company was going to hold a new product press conference here. Though it was a little bit far from the downtown area, it had beautiful natural surroundings. However, as Autumn and Isla arrived, they ran into Rachel.

She was dressed in a white skirt, looking very conspicuous. Though she wore sunglasses, she also saw Autumn immediately. With a sly smile, she rushed up and greeted her. "Wow, Autumn, you are also here. What a coincidence!"

Rachel took the initiative to greet Autumn first. Though Autumn wasn't very happy to see her, she did not intend to make a scene in public, so she also greeted her, "Hi! Shouldn't you be staying at home, preparing for your wedding? What are you doing here?"

"Yes, my wedding is coming soon. But I still have to work. Don't you think so? Do you like this place? Isn't it very beautiful?"

Rachel gave a big smile. "I fell in love with this place when I came up here for the first time. It is very beautiful, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is beautiful." Though it was out-of-the-way, the place offered breathtaking views and a high-grade quality of service. Many celebrities would come here to spend the weekend with their families. It had become so popular that people had to book the rooms in advance.

Rachel had her nose in air and pretended not to know anything. Rachel smirked and said to Autumn, "You could bring Charles here to spend a holiday. I will give you a discount."

She laughed grimly at Autumn who looked confused and then continued to explain, "Well, I almost forgot to tell you that this hotel used to belong to Edward.

Now that we are going to get married, he transferred it to me. It's his wedding gift for me. Though I told him that there's no need for him to do that, he still went through the formalities secretly."

She giggled as she said this, which made Isla stare at her.

"Really?" Autumn smiled faintly as she heard what Rachel said. "It seems that he really loves you. Then you have to cherish him and never do anything that you would regret." added Autumn.

"Of course, I will cherish him. And I won't do anything that I would regret."

Rachel shot back. Rachel smiled and said, "I have considered this for a long time. Though I am a famous star now, I will get old someday, so it is a better choice for me to have my own business.

I have posted out this news on my Facebook account and many people come here to spend the weekend. I am so happy."

"Well, then congratulations!" Autumn replied, still indifferently. She had an unfathomable premonition that Rachel would not leave the matter at that and she would definitely do something sinister.

"Well, why are you here today?" After she showing off her new wealth, Rachel finally asked the purpose of Autumn's coming. "If you are here to book a room, then regrettably, I can't help you. There is no room available now and the rooms have been booked from now until several days later. You can call me next time and I will reserve a room for you, then there is no need for you to come here in person."

"Well, why are you here today?" After she showing off her new wealth, Rachel finally asked the purpose of Autumn's coming. "If you are here to book a room, then regrettably, I can't help you. There is no room available now and the rooms have been booked from now until several days later. You can call me next time and I will reserve a room for you, then there is no need for you to come here in person."

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