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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor 🕴
               A neighbor next door 🚪


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Janet's POV

  My whole body was in flames, 

I needed no soothsayer to tell me that I'm no longer a virgin

And I lost it to Kim, a man nearer to my heart 
   "I'm sorry if it was that painful " he apologized kissing my knuckles all over and over again 

I felt honored the way he worshipped my body earlier, I'm not sure I will ever forget that feeling in a hurry

    How I felt? 

Like a real woman

   The moon really watched over us because it was still shining bright when we were done and exhausted 

    "Thanks Kim"I found my words

"For what? "

"For making me feel my orgasm for the first time and making me feel wetty and drippy for the first time" I said feeling so fulfilled and I heard him scoff 

   "Are you sure you're a virgin? "He asked and a sharp pain stung my heart 

What does he mean by that? 

    "What are you saying? I'm in pain now and... "

"I can't find any blood right here and... "

Damn it! 

   I slapped his face in anger

Is he caring about my blood or myself? 

   I bit my lower lip  

"Why do you keep asking me that "I asked hitting him again and he didn't hit back

  Instead he held my two hands from hitting him again

  "You're misunderstanding me and trying to ruin this happy mood"

"Happy mood? You just made it sour!! "I yelled suddenly finding his sight disgusting 

   "I'm sorry but I was... "

I pushed him away from me, I wore my clothes hurriedly 

  "I didn't mean that, I was so surprised that someone in this 21st century is still a virgin and I confirmed it when... "

"you confirmed it with me isn't it? Of course you are a doctor Kimberly and you believe in experiment and I guess I was your specimen right? 

When will you stop being a jerk and... "

"I'm sorry!! 

I'm sorry!!! 

I'm sorry!!!! How many times will I say that? "He yelled back at me in his highest voice that I jerked 

"Sorry isn't enough Kim,
Sorry isn't enough

Now I see why your wife left you"I spat rolling my eyes at him

What does he take me for? I shouldn't have given myself to him

    I was so cheap indeed! 

I see why my brother told me he's a player and I'm seeing reasons with him now

   I hate him now so much

So he only cared because I'm a virgin and I fell so cheaply being his easy prey 

   "Let's break up Kim! Because you disgust me a lot right now"
I spat again turning myself to the exit path and left

Kim's POV 

*Now I see why your wife left you 

Rang in my head and kept taunting my emotion


  "I can't do this with you anymore Kim, I hate you and I never loved you! 

    You disgust me alot

Now I see why girls always leave you even after all your pretty face

They still leave! " she yelled and tears gathered around my eyes

  "You never loved me? "

"I never did Kim! You're not romantic enough for me, you act as if you don't care at all

Always taking serious things to be so un serious and I hate it about you! 

I wish you can stop existing for all I care Kim!!! "


And Janet just repeated that

  She just hurt me

  I wasn't gonna say something bad and she misunderstood and lashed at me

  Saying those words I hated to hear
   I didn't mean it like she took it

I broke down into tears..... 

Janet's POV 

I broke down into tears

I'm such a fool! 

I'm a fool 

   Why him? 
Why him of all people? 

  Why am I having pain because of him? 

   I cried myself to sleep..... 


I woke up with a heavy face still with the memories of last night 

I dragged my feet to the bathroom did my brushing, washing and then prepared for school because its monday

  After I had dressed up, I opened my door to see Kim standing on my doorway as if he wanted to knock the door before I opened it

   "Good morning 
How was your night? "He asked and I ignored him 

  "I need to pass please "I said and he felt deeply pained by what I said

"Are you still going out with me to today like I told you yesterday? "

"I'm not "

"Why? "

"Because I don't want to "

"I'm sorry"
He mumbled

"I need to go to school now "I said sighing 

"I can drop you off "

"You shouldn't "

He frowned 

"Why? "

"Finn will do that or better still I will take the cab"

  "Why are you being this way? "He said soberly 

"Because you act as if you don't care Kim! I hate you!! "

"I hate you too!! 

Janet I hate you! And do whatever you feel like doing 

I don't care anymore!! 

I hate you!! "





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