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 πŸ₯😷 Dr. Kim πŸ•΅

πŸ† The hot 😳 doctor πŸ•΄
               A neighbor next door πŸšͺ


                🌻 53 🌻

Kim's POV 

   I froze when she said that 

I gulped hard

Was that really a question? 

   "Kimberly can I? "
She asked again looking up to my face and my face lit up in pleasure

"Uhm... Erm.. "I cleared my throat and shifted myself away from her

She started giggling and nudged me on my shoulder 
 "I was joking "
  She said and then started laughing but I didn't find it funny at all

   "Hey look"I pointed at a direction and immediately she looked to that side I pecked her on her cheek

It became reddish

  "You weren't joking right? "I asked and she shifted away from me

  I smirked and faced the sky, watching how the stars littered the sky around the moon

   "Look at the stars Janet"

"I'm looking at it Kim " 

"Its beautiful "I admired staring at her front neck as it was drawn up by her while she was looking at the sky

"Yeah... So beautiful "

"Like you "I said and our gaze met

    "Why don't I take your virginity right here on this rooftop with the stars and moon singing and lighting the way for us"I said and her eyes widened 

"You... You don't mean that do you? "She said fidgeting and I caught her arms drawing her close to myself

"I mean it so much Janet or Jane"I said roaming my eyes around her skin and she coughed 

   She pushed me but I didn't bulge
     "Get away you rat face! "She struggled on my hold and I kissed her

   I rolled my tongue with hers and soon I could hear her soft breath as it fanned my nose.

Soon, my whole body began boiling and turning greedy 

  I held her neck kissing her deeply this time
   She moaned softly into my mouth and jeez! 

   I couldn't take it anymore, I released my hands from her neck and sent the both of them to her back 

  I caressed her whole with my mouth still in hers 

   She suddenly break off from the kiss and jammed my forehead with hers

   "The moon will watch over us? "She asked almost in a whisper and I nodded my head

I don't want to leave this pleasurable mood, I've missed this in a long time 

   She kept staring at me which lasted for a long time before she started rubbing her nose with mine

   "I want to feel like a real woman so make me a woman Kimberly "she said and a sharp songs of pleasure ran down my spine

    "It will hurt a lot Janet "

"It won't as far as its you "
She said and smiled 

  I grabbed her lips into mine again and I sucked on her lower lips 

She was be moaning in my mouth at every touch I gave her

   I pulled of her gown and she was half naked before me

  "You're so beautiful Janet! "I found my self saying at the sight of her br**st and tummy 

She was a little bit shy seeing me staring at her
  So she tried covering up her body but I was too quick to hold her two hands pining it down to the ground 

I made her lay down on the ground after her hands 

   I kissed her two hands and she moaned again 

  I returned to kissing her lips and didn't leave for some time until I found her softening up the time and becoming more vulnerable.

🎢U gotta get up 

🎢U gotta get up 

πŸ”Šand make a love

🎢 cuz the world will never see you till you do 

🎢No they dont really care what you're going through 

🎢so you gotta show em baby

🎢You gotta show e'm the real you

 πŸŽΆyou gotta give erm what you've got 

🎢No don't let them see what you know 

🎢cuz you're strong
🎢 you're wise 

🎢you're words beyond the thousand reasons why

🎢And you can't be perfect baby cuz nobody is perfect

🎢 but nononono there's nobody in the world like you 

She groaned as I came into her slowly

"That's so painful Kim! Ahhh"

"When it becomes unbearable, bite my shoulder "

I said and she seemed scared 

"Okay, do it"

She nodded and I started thrusting into her and she groaned in pain even though I kissed her repeatedly to soften her pain 


"Kim!! "

"Ahhh! "She bit my shoulder clutching her arms around my neck.... 



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