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🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor 🕴
                 A neighbor next door🚪


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Janet's POV

  "I never did this before " I found my lips saying as my zip loosening

"What have you not done before "he asked 

I rolled my eyes feeling so shy to say it

"S3x"I muttered and he started laughing and I felt embarrassed by that 

  I quickly zipped my dress aa he was still laughing 

"Really? "He turned mean all of a sudden

I nodded sheepishly feeling like I was slapped on my face

   "And you expect me to believe that? No one ever went into you... I mean you never dated all your life? "

He asked almost yelling in surprise and I scoffed

Its so embarrassing 

Kim's POV

She's got to be kidding me

  She never had s3x before 

Like she's a virgin? 

   She stood up to go

"I need to go now... Ur... "I sat her ass down

  I wanted to just look at her

"You never dated before? "
I asked again

"Look I'm hungry"she said trying to change the topic but I was too smart to notice 

"Na.. That's not my question "

"I have to go to my parents place today please can I answer you later? "
She said and I sighed

Maybe later, she will answer it.

Two hours later, 

I horned my car infront of their gate and then came in when the gate was opened 

  I brought my car to a halt infront if their house and then came out 

She came out too and she med the way in

Well, she's from a rich home considering the kind of house and expensive area the house was standing.

"Hey bro what's up"she said to a young handsome boy who ran to her as we came into the living room

  "Hey Sis I missed you, its been long you visited "
He said pecking her both cheeks and I suddenly recognized him as the guy who kissed her the last time when I went for a walk

  I was wondering if he was her boyfriend not knowing it was her brother 


   "And who is this "
He asked pointing at me and that was when her mom I guessed came into the room

I bowed my head a little bit for her and she couldn't take her eyes off me

    "Uhm mom"she ran to her mom

"Hey Janet, who is this handsome young man? "
She asked and I think it was the perfect time for Janet to do the introduction 

I cleared my throat 

What would she introduce me as? Was what rang in my head as she opened her lips to speak.

Janet's POV 

"Well mother this is Dr. Kim my boyfriend... "

"Boyfriend "my mother gasped and then jumped into me

"Finally you've got a boyfriend, awwwn he's so cute 

I'm her mother handsome, you're so cute"they shook hands and she ran to me again clinging onto me

It made feel embarassed infront of Kim
   "Come on to the dinning guys, I'm now a proud mother Janet"she said leaving for the dinning and I sighed

She's so annoying 

   "And where is dad? "
I asked my kid bro

"He went out on a schedule"he said shrugging with his eyes still lingering on Kim who was mute all this while

  "But today is Sunday"I argued

"That's typical dad Big sis and... "He paused looking at Kim "I don't like him"

He said and Kim frowned because he heard what he said

 I was taken aback too

He hardly say words like that to people
   "Why junior? "I asked 

"He's too cute to be around you, guys like him are playboys so I don't like him"he said and walked in the direction of my mother

Play boy?? 


I lingered my gaze to Kim and he shrugged.... 



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