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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor🕴
            A neighbor next door 🚪

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Janet's POV 

  "I'm sorry " I pouted as I relaxed my head on his back

   He turned and faced me while I was still holding him but this time, my hands were on his waist since he was facing me

     "I will eat omelette"I said thinking that was making him angry

   He pointed at my forehead with his first finger thereby pushing my head backward as he pushed it slightly 

   I smiled 

I'm trying hard to smile infront of him 
   "You're just a chameleon"he mouth lashed and I scoffed frowning at him

"Chameleon? "
I verified and he nodded his head before he jammed his forehead with mine

  "No one can tell what your mood could be in the next few minutes 
So unpredictable like a chameleon! "

He said sweetly and I smiled again

At least he wasn't mouth lashing me afterall

   I removed my two hands from his waist and then brought them to his face

   I cupped his cheeks squeezing it tightly to the extent that his face got crooked and his face became funny

  "Lop.... "he tried to say "stop that Janet " I started laughing seeing his face like this as he spoke 

  I left his cheeks still laughing and the next thing I felt was his massive hands wrapping around my slim waist and I seized breathing for a while

   My feet were almost not touching the ground the way he held me closer to himself

"So now I got you"he said whispering into my ears and the breath coming out of his mouth fanned my ears sending a twinkling sensation down my tummy that instant

   "Let me go Kim "I hit him slightly on his chest and he smirked

  "I'm trying to be romantic for my woman Janet so please allow me"he said and my cheeks was so hot that I could feel it myself 

   He's making me blush so hard

   "Let's cook Kim"I said avoiding his eyes and he shook his head

  "No not right now"he said twinkling his eyes and my body started heating up 

   "What do you mean by that? "I asked him as he proceeded into his room after he was done carrying me in his arms

   "I will show you "he said and I felt myself landing softly on the bed


What is he trying to do and why is my body so hot

He started pulling up his top and my eyes widened in shock

 This is bad 

I closed my eyes immediately but yet peeped to look at his great massive body 

He's damn hot! 

  With all his masculine chest and abs, no woman will ever leave him alone 

   "Psst! "He hissed "open your eyes and look at me "he said and I did open my eyes

I was drooling so hard at his body 

He's so freaking hot! He's handsome!! 

    "You like it? "He asked and I found myself scoffing at him

"What should I like? Vegetable chest I bet someone else is even more... "I stopped talking immediately when I noticed his mood change

 What am I saying... I asked myself immediately 

   He hissed 

"Like Finn's right? "He asked sadly and I felt guilty 

Why would I say something awful like that? 

   "No I'm sorry, I've never seen someone as pretty as you're " I said trying to soften his sad mood 

  "Vegetable chest you said, I like it
   Only you called me that"

"I'm sorry"I sobered

   "Rat face 
Only you called me that"

"That's because your face is like that of a rat"I defended myself and he smirked

"And I love it when you call me a rat face
  I wasn't complaining "he shrugged and my face lit up

He wasn't angry

    "You're one of a kind Janet and that's why I like you"he pushed me to himself and then I felt my zip loosening up from behind me.... 



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