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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor🕴
              A neighbor next door 🚪


               🌻 48 🌻

Janet's POV 

  "I've been looking for you and your phone wasn't picking up.. "Finn was saying when Kim got up from his bed angrily and walked towards him

  "Get out of my room " he said harshly to him

"I wasn't talking to you"he replied coldly 

I know there will be a fight within the next few minutes so I intervened standing in between them

    "Finn I'm coming, just give me ten minutes "

"Ten minutes!! Just go with her then!! "Kim said aggressively pushing the both of us out and locking his door on our faces

He's still Kim that I knew anyway

Last few minutes ago, he was so caring that I felt like wetting my pants and now he's as cold as hell


He will never change

   "Come "Finn said dragging by my hand till we were inside his room, he let go off me and made me sit on a chair

   "I have something to say to you "he said looking so serious

 "Go on" I replied and he cleared his throat 

"Next tomorrow is my birthday and I want to go out with you
   Would you mind going with me? "He asked 

   "Is that why you called her here huh? "I heard Kim's voice behind us and soon I saw myself walking in the air

He was dragging me by my hand hurriedly and walking away hastily 

   "He's crazy"

"I told you to stay away from that guy but you won't! 

He's a flirt! He's a flirt but you won't hear a word

He's trying to use you Janet and he even had the guts to come into my room!! "

He ranted as he shut his door behind us.

Kim's POV 

   I breathed heavily and then ran my hands into my thick blonde

  Thank God I followed them after they left
  I wonder what would've been Janet's answer 

Maybe a yes! 


Women can be easily manipulated especially by those who make them smile

    "Look Kim I wasn't going... "

"You were"I cut in

I scoffed

   She sighed and then sat down back on the chair 

   "Today is Sunday and I think I need to be in my parents house... "

"I will take you there"I snapped again 

She's trying to find an excuse to go be with that stupid guy

     And I hate it!

I hate it that someone like him even makes her smile more than I can ever make her

Its make me want to break into two pieces 

    My phone rang just then and she was beside so she helped me pick up the phone and in the process she peeped into it and her face fell

  I collected the phone from her searching her face before I checked the caller ID to be my ex wife

I knew that was what got her mood to be sour

I said as I picked up the call

📲You refused to call so I decided to do the call for you myself 

She said and my gaze went immediately to Janet

She was uncomfortable seeing me answering the call

📲Okay I'm sorry, I'm busy lately
I lied

📲Doing what? You changed a lot Kim just like I used to tell you
You don't act like you used to

Now the long story again, I really don't want to last in this call for more than three minutes because of how Janet might feel

📲what do you want? 
I ignored her words 

📲My audition is tomorrow and I need company 
So I want you to come, I'm lonely 

I clenched my fist 

What does she think she's doing 

📲i'm sorry but I don't think I can make it 
Yunno I'm a working doctor.... 

📲Its fine 
But Kim before now will never said that
She sobered and I was touched by that 

But I don't want to go 

What about Janet? 

📲Sure, I will come 
I agreed 

She inquired to be sure I wasn't kidding her 

📲Yup... Bye
I hung up

   I looked at Janet, she was mute

I went close go her and she looked away when my eyes came in contact with her face

"Leave me alone"she said bitterly and I smiled

She's jealous 

Just like I always feel when I see that punk close to her

   "Prepare tomorrow, we're going to an audition "

"Audition? Why? "

"Because I want to go out with you"



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