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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor🕴
              A neighbor next door 🚪


                 🌻 47 🌻

Janet's POV 

He remembers everything that happened 
  I gulped hard as my heart jumped into my heart

    He pulled my face closer and kissed me till our breath became one and I could feel his tongue searching for mine

  What if he says it was all a joke like last time 
   He's good at making me feel bad yunno

  What if he suddenly stop kissing and then shout *its a lie! * into my ears

What if I'm hallucinating like the last time

  With all these thoughts in my head
   I gave him a slight push and his lips disengaged from mine

  He had a surprised look on his face as I pushed him away
  Maybe he wasn't expecting me to do so 

   His mouth was open and his tongue was carefully tucked on his upper jaw bone "housing the teeth) 

   It made me want to kiss him but I can't 
  He's going to trick me... I felt so and I was at the same time nervous 

How his lips felt on mine, so soft and pure
    He pulled my face up to make me look into his eyes but I still couldn't bring myself to stare at his face.

"Look at me Janet"he urged but I just couldn't 

So he would laugh at me for believing another lie from him

   "I meant everything I said last night, "he began drawing me so closer until I could feel his body almost close to mine

   My breath was steady and my heart was racing deeply

  "I meant everything Janet, but I don't think I can ever be gentle to you so please teach me how to be gentle again to the woman you love "he said pleadingly and I felt like melting in his arms immediately 

But that thought of a trick kept my self in check
   I don't want to be fooled again

   "Look at me Janet, I want you to look into my eyes"
He urged and I brushed my gaze into his eyes and looked away almost immediately 

    "I want to be your man and I want you to date only me Janet, I'm serious"

I felt nervous

Myself wanted to jump into him and say yes to shut him up 

But that trick from last time which broke My heart into little pieces kept taunting me

   "I'm sorry Kim, I don't... "
I lost my words as my eyes came in contact with his

What's happening to me

Why is he gazing at me like that? the last time he did that 
  I ended up hallucinating what I shouldn't 

   My whole body was boiling that even at the cold weather of the morning I was so damn hot

   I was perspirating so bad

  And shaky too

His eyes are magic... I reasoned

Kim's POV 

  I couldn't take my eyes off her, I remember everything that happened last night

Especially when I said all those to her 
And the last time too when I was drunk

    I held her left side neck with my left palm still gazing at her

I was trying to resolve inside me if I really want to touch her or not

Will she like it if I touch her? 
  What would she take me for? 

  "Be my girlfriend Janet"I requested and her eyes darted away

    She's scared 

And I can see that, maybe because of what happened last time when I called her CHEAP but I wasn't gonna do that anymore

And I won't say such things like that to her again
   "Be my girlfriend Janet I don't care.... "

"I don't care if I'm going to be cheap and I don't care if its a trick or not but I will be your girlfriend "she interrupted with a smile and I took my lips into hers once again

  She was kissing me back more harder and rougher than I was kissing her

  Our tongues rolled against each other and I could ourselves sharing the same breath 

   When she gave a heavy breath with fanned my nose, my passion for her grew and that was when the door bursted open.... 

    "Oh... Janet I was wondering where you were since last night"



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