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 🏥😷Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor 🕴
              A neighbor next door 🚪


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Janet's POV 

Why isn't he coming home? 

Is he still angry with me over what I said? 

I'm the only one in the studio except from the other neighbors whom I don't practically get along with

Is either they pick on me or I end up picking on them

So I mostly ignore their company because I hate them so much

Finn left after he treated himself, he said he would like to go to a birthday party of one of his doctor friends, he had asked me to come with him but I don't fancy coming with him

 I wanted to stay home, so he left me and went by himself 

And about the noodles? 
I made that and ate on my own

I sighed sitting down on the rails which was attached to the floor infront of the studio

   I sat down patiently when I saw Kim's car drive in
   I looked eagerly as he came out of the car so heavily drunk

My heart jumped and I slipped down from the rail and I ran to go help him stand steady on his legs

  When his eyes saw mine

He started smiling and the smile turned into laughter 
  I helped him into his room and he lay down 

   I made to leave but he wouldn't let me go
   He made me lie beside him on the bed and his hands wrapped around me on the bed

   My heart was already threatening to fly out as I lay down on his hard chest

   He was warm and I could hear her heartbeat as I lay my head close to his chest

 He started patting my back gently 
He suddenly called

"I'm nice now right? "
He asked and I went mute 

   "Am I nice? "He repeated 

"Yes you're "I answered emphatically and he belched and the ugly smell of alcohol perforated into my nose and I covered it

He's so fuvking drunk

   "If I'm nice then don't go huh, its not like I don't love you am just afraid of getting hurt again

Of being used again and dumped

I have a pretty face"he smirked "I know that and am rich... i know that too but it only attract flirts to me and not real hearts who wants me, my wife never loved me and I never knew that psst! I hate talking about it

   You know I'm hot and handsome I've always heard that from people and I most times get bored of hearing it until I met you... 

You Janet, 

  A rat face was the first start for you, you compared my handsome face to that of a rat and at first it was digusting till it started being interesting

   You are rude and I love it so much Janet because it defines a whole lot

  You don't take nonsense from anyone and you rather pay someone for something you did than say sorry even when you're faulty

You're proud! And I love that too"he paused and my heart was already in my mouth

 What's gotten into him

"You're Janet and I love you but I can't treat you the way you will want me to that's because I don't want go get hurt Janet "

He sobered 

I stared at his face, he was damn serious and drunk too 

I wish he will remember all he said tonight the next day

  "But don't date Finn, he's bad and wants to play you... "

"Play me? Why?? "

"That's why we fought, he wants to use you and then dump you because you're pretty and he found you easy going and you're fond of him because he makes you smile... "

"I don't  believe that "
Finn will never do such things... But hold on, am I trying to believe a drunken man

"I know you won't Janet, so just sleep beside me, it makes me feel comfortable " he said and then wrapped me tighter to himself before his eyes closed up


Kim's POV 

"Good morning "someone greeted as my eyes came open and I sat up from the bed quickly 

It was Janet

   "What happened? "I asked her unable to remember a single thing that happened 

Only that my head hurts a little and that's all

  "You don't remember a thing? "
She asked curiously and I got more confused 

Janet's POV 

I knew it! 

He won't remember anything

He won't 

Tears came to my eyes immediately 

He don't remember a thing again? 

Why don't he? 

  "Are you okay? "He asked and I nodded cleaning up a tear that dropped on my face

"I'm fine"

"Did I mess up again last night after I got drunk "he asked and I feigned laughter

"Ofcuz, I helped you again
You messed up the whole place again, everywhere was a mess

I've told you if... "

"That's no true"he interrupted 

"What? That's true"
I replied nervously thinking maybe he remembered something 

"That's not true because I'm still in my clothes "he said and I felt disappointed 

I thought he recalled something 

"Oh.. That's a punishment yunno "I shrugged painfully as my face fell

He scoffed and came down from the bed as his feet touched the floor

He faced me and then raised up my jaw

"I remember everything that happened last night and all you're saying just now are lies"

He remembered!! 

My heart started beating faster again 

"I remember all of it and even that of last time, I remember it all"






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