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 🏥😷 Dr. Kim 🕵

🍆The hot 😳 doctor🕴
             A neighbor next door 🚪


                 🌻 45 🌻

Kim's POV 

"Because you're jerk! "She snapped then walked out on me

I felt heavy and felt like bursting away if given a little push
I was trying to protect her and be nice to her for once and she just acted rude 


She doesn't know when someone is super good to her

When someone really cares and when someone is really playing with her

   I shouldn't have pushed her to him
  I grinned clenching my fist 

I need comfort right now

And as if someone somewhere knew how I felt paged me 

I picked up the call after checking the caller to be Agnes

I said calmly 

📲I was gonna ask if you're free this Saturday 
 She said sighing and I hissed

📲I'm so free 
She chuckled
📲Can we meet up today, I mean now
I miss you and don't worry about lunch or any eatery, I'm paying 

📲you don't have to bother, I'm coming
So where do we meet? 

📲Really you're going out with me? That's awesome
I will send you the address when I sort it out

I hung up and hissed again..... 

Janet's POV 

"Are you okay... Oh my God! Your jaw is badly wounded! 
How did he hit you 
You're such a mess" I rattled as I helped him up on his feet

The onlookers kept looking on and it made feel embarrassed somehow 

So all I wanted was for us to leave the restaurant in a haste

It was a bad idea coming to this restaurant 

  It was really a bad idea

The restaurant owner soon came at the both of us

"Hey my chairs and... "He spoke in a high Italian accent "my tables are all smashed, you guys will have to pay or I call the cops on the both of you "

It made me more embarrassed 

Finn opened his shirt pocket and brought his credit card, he handed it over to him and after some seconds, he came back with it and handed it back to Finn

"Thanks"Finn mumbled and we both left the restaurant 

Inside the car, 

"what happened? "I asked again making a disgusting face at how he looked

  "He's that grumpy? "He asked angryily "I didn't do anything to him,I was just advicing that fuvking grumpy bastard when he came at me as if I did something that bad 


All my life, no one ever did this to me, and here he's acting all grumpy and cold towards everyone trying to show his handsome stupid face! "He ranted and I gulped real hard 

I know Kim did something bad but he shouldn't insult him like that 

All I want to know is what triggered him off to hit him

Kim that I knew don't do this like that unless there was a cause for it

    "Look at me Janet! "
He grunted and I started patting his shoulder 

"Its okay, let's go home straight "I said trying to soothe him

"What about you? I embarrassed you"he mumbled shame fully and I felt honored 

Why would Kim hit him? 

Dragging me away and asking me not to date him anymore 
And I wasn't even dating him and I won't 

   So what made them fight, they don't get along I know that so much 

   "I embarrassed you right? "He asked and I shook my head

"You didnt and it wasn't your fault so let's go home"

"What about food, arent you hungry"he asked with deep concern and I smiled

He's a nice guy, no doubts

  "I can make some noodles when I get home " I said shrugging and he smiled

"Arrghh?! "He groaned as he stretched his arm to press the ignition 

"Sorry, does it hurt that much, you will get treated when you get home... "

"Afterall am a doctor"



Kim's POV

  "Kim are you okay? If you don't like this place we can change it"

"I'm fine.. Yeah "
I shrugged feigning a smile at her

"That's what you've been saying since morning Kim"
She said coming closer to me till she was almost gumming her body with mine

"I'm okay and fine "
I said haughtily and she chuckled

"Well... "She began and then held the collar of my shirt in a way of dressing it "I told you before that I like you and I want us to date so what do you say? "

She peered into my eyes and I simply pulled her hands off my clothes before giving her a reply

"I'm sorry Agnes, I need to be home now"

"Is that a yes or a no? "

"Its a no! "

She scoffed 

"Is it because of Janet? "

"Its none of your business Agnes"

"You love her right? "

A hard question.... 



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