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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 10💊💉

‘Kylie i—

‘Ohh shh Daniel,I am watching you save lives in Boston baby so please shh'..Kylie shushed him as Clarice's moans roared all over the room in the absence of Daniel of course..

‘Kylie look you don't understand'..He took the phone off her hands and she smiled a very deadly smile at that..

‘Explain to me what I don't understand Doctor Daniel?? That you lied to me in a text and then lied to me in my face and then proceeded to sleep with another woman while i stayed home pregnant'..Her voice cracked but she didn't scream..

Instead she went into the closet and began stuffing her clothes into the bag..

‘Kylie please just listen to me even if it's for a second I have to explain things to you!'..He begged as he went down on his knees and she pushed him aside..

‘If you don't love me you should've just told me Daniel?!! I would've left without giving you anymore trouble'..

‘No Kylie I don't want you to go please don't go'..He begged and she scoffed again..

‘You don't want me to go?? Okay for how long has this affair between you and Clarice been going on?? When I started gaining weight and not looking sexy enough for you anymore? When Daniel please tell me'...

‘No time Kylie,I love you and I still love you even more than anything! Clarice planned this whole thing and she wants us to separate'..He tried to explain again..

‘Okay Daniel,Clarice also uhh she also ignored my calls,she also texted me and lied,she also came back after two days and lied to me and she forced you into having s*x'.. Kylie replied and when Daniel couldn't say anything else she sniffed..

‘Goodbye Doctor Daniel'..

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