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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 15💊💉

One by one every single nurse and doctor dropped their resignation letter on Clarice's desk and when she couldn't take it anymore she screamed loudly at the top of her voice...

‘No!! No this can't be happening!! No!!'..

‘W..Well we can't do anything Clarice and without doctors patients might die and you are going to be sued and this Hospital shut down'..Wendy,her new best friend added not in a bid to make her feel better.

‘You think I don't know that Wendy?!! For f**ks sake I killed my own mother and dumped her body in the docks!! You think that makes me feel better?! No it doesn't!'..Clarice screamed again..

Slowly and fearfully Wendy stepped backwards for her best friend was acting like a crazy lunatic and she wasn't going to die all because of it..

‘You need to see a doctor Clarice,I can call a therapist for you'..She suggested as her hands wound around the door knob..

‘No one should tell me what I need and what I don't need!! I need to kill Daniel!! Yes that's all I want! I want Daniel to die for not loving me! I want him to suffer in hell for breaking my heart!'..


‘No no no!! No this isn't my Daniel!'..Kylie cried bitterly as she walked into the hospital addressed to her by Marie..

She took the quickest flight back with her mother only to see the love of her life unconscious and fighting for his life..

‘Do something!! Tell the doctors to do something!'..She screamed and Marie sighed deeply...

‘They are doing the best they can Kylie, there's too much ruptured organs and he...he..he lost a lot of blood'.

‘But he...Oh this is all my fault!! This is all my fault!!'..Kylie went straight to her mother for comfort and Eunice was there to give it to her..

‘It is not your fault Kylie,you weren't the one driving'..She murmured buy Kylie was already convinced..

‘If only I didn't yell at him and tell him how much I hated him none of this would've happened,You were right mom I should have given him a chance to speak and now look'..

‘It is not your fault Kylie just know that!! The person behind all this is none other than Clarice and it's up to you to teach her a very good lesson'.. Marie chopped in..

Kylie sniffed and looked at the time which was exactly 8:30pm and she wiped away her tears.

‘Marie do you know where I can get a gun??'..

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