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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 13💊💉

‘Wait!! You're resigning?? Daniel you just can't do this just because Clarice owns the hospital!!'..Marie protested as Daniel made his way to his office..

‘Look I have lost everything Marie!! I lost Kylie and the baby! she's left and she hates me more than anything all thanks to that bit*h! There is no way I will sit back and watch her boss over me!!'..He said grabbing the last photo frame of him from the cabinet into his box..

‘Okay at least can we just talk about this?! Daniel you're being irrational'..Marie still pleaded trying to convince him and he scoffed..

‘Irrational?? Look I have dedicated my life to this hospital and it's sad that I'm leaving due to this circumstance but I have no choice.Goodbye!'..


‘You are going to kill yourself if you keep eating like that'..Eunice muttered as Kylie finished another portion of French Fruit tart..

‘Look mom I am very hungry and the last thing I need right now is you telling me how I'm eating like a goat'..She replied..

‘Well you're eating like one,but anyways I got a call from doctor Marie and it looks like Daniel resigned'..Eunice said and even though Kylie didn't want to act like she cared —Well she did..

‘Hmmm'..Was the only thing that came out of her mouth as she popped another tart into her mouth and all her mother could do was just sigh..

Kylie was a stubborn child and she knew that..

Their ugly past with Calvin,her husband who was Kylie's father had taunted them so bad that it hardened Kylie's heart..

Hardened the heart so much that she hardly forgave..

Only a miracle would make Kylie forgive Daniel all over again..


The next morning was a cool one in down town Manhattan but Daniel wasn't feeling the chill at all as he staggered down the streets drunk and tired of living..

Nothing mattered to him anymore..

Not his job..

Not his family..


As long as Kylie wasn't with him nothing really mattered anymore for she was his only source of true happiness..

She made him feel what family was really and truly about..

She completed him and now she's gone leaving him clueless and as toxic as a drunk..

So yeah...

Nothing really mattered to him anymore as long as she wasn't there with him...

‘Are you okay dude??'..A passerby asked him as he walked by..

‘No..Do you know the nearest bridge I could jump off?? I wanna end my life so bad'..



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