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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 14💊💉

‘Ohh nu-uh dude I ain't telling you sh*t about that'...The dark complexioned walked away before anything more incriminating could happen for he just wanted to get home and not help a psychopath die..

Daniel staggered his way into his car and when he finally got inside,he impulsively turned on the engine and drove only a mile..

‘Watch out!!!'..Someone from the pedestrian walk screamed but it was too late already..

He crashed into a milk delivery truck and totally lost consciousness..


‘Can you at least please stop looking at me that way mom?? I want to finish this risotto in peace'..Kylie asked as her mother threw her another dirty and haughty look...

‘You are basically sulking and you're talking about the food?? I thought you were diagnosed with diabetes?'.. Eunice said..

‘Yes and I've created an appointment with the doctor in Hemsters are you happy now?? Good now please let me eat in peace'..Kylie replied and her phone buzzed..

She checked who the caller was but it was obviously from Danielle so she decided to ignore it and continue with her dinner..

Then a text came in but she still chose to ignore it,and then when another came she angrily grabbed her phone..


💬:Daniel needs you..


💬:He's been in a terrible accident...

‘Oh my God;!! Oh my God!'..

‘What is the problem??'..

‘Daniel is in the hospital! He was involved in an accident..


Hours Later Clarice walked through the door of the ER where everyone struggled to save the survivors from the car crash including Daniel..

‘Leave him alone'...She ordered Doctor Marie..

‘What??? What are you saying he's dying!!!'..Marie yelled angrily..

‘Hey who is the boss here?!! I said leave him alone! I can decide who the f**k I want you to—

‘Ohh shut up!! if he dies you can be sued! This is a hospital not revenge Prom and Daniel needs medical attention!! He's dedicated almost all his life to this hospital and it's really witchcraft if you want me to abandon him'..Marie interrupted but Clarice wasn't looking from a doctor's aspect anymore..

She was clearly looking from a broken girlfriend's aspect who clearly wanted revenge...

And it was messed up..

‘I won't repeat myself Marie!! If you want to leave then fine but you won't touch Daniel! No one should touch Daniel!!'..She yelled..

The other staffs were overly shocked about her behavior but Marie clearly wasn't having it at all...

‘You are an evil person and yes I resign!! Everyone is also going to resign and we're going to leave cause we won't let such injustice happen to a doctor who has saved lives countless times!!'..

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