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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 11💊💉

🎶I don't like my mind right now
         Stacking up problems that are
so unnecessary.
    Wishing I could slow things down.
I wanna let go but there's comfort in the panic..
    And I drive myself crazy thinking
everything's about me..
   Yeah I drive myself crazy cause I
can't escape the gravity..

‘Kylie please don't go, please'.. Danielle begged with tears in her eyes..

For the first time in a long time she didn't want someone apart from her brother to leave her alone..

‘I have to go Danielle, I'll call you'..Kylie whispered as he got into the car...

‘Promise??'..Danielle asked and Kylie nodded...

‘I Promise'..


‘Are you happy now Clarice?!! Your plan worked are you happy now?!'..Daniel screamed and Clarice smiled as she crossed her legs on his couch..

‘You should've been smart Daniel,a smart man would've gone home to tell his woman that everything is a lie and if the woman loved him she would believe him—But you're not a smart man are you Daniel?'..She said and he wiped a tear of his eye lid..

‘She is pregnant Clarice! She has di—

 ‘She doesn't have diabetes Daniel I planned the whole thing.Your Kylie doesn't have any diabetes she's normal'..

‘Wh...Wh... What?! Oh my God why would you do that?!'..He screamed in tears,anger and pain but Clarice only smiled..

‘You should've thought about that consequences before breaking my heart Doctor Daniel.I told you you'd regret it didn't I? You were just too easy and too stupid to fool and now bye bye Kylie'..She taunted further with a haughty laugh..

‘You still won't get me Clarice,nothing would make me love you! Nothing would ever make any man love you!'..He tried firing back but she was strong..

‘Ohh you will learn to love me Doctor Daniel or else your job is on the line'..

‘What do you...what do you mean?". 

‘I own the general hospital now Daniel,I am your new boss and trust me it's going to be one funny ride for you'..

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