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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 16 💊💉

‘A gun?? Kylie you're not going to do what I think you're planning are you??'.. Eunice asked with a frown on her face...

‘I want to kill her mom!! I want to make her burn and suffer for what she did to Daniel and i'...Kylie replied with a look of burning vengeance in her eyes..

‘You are not going anywhere or doing anything of that kind Kylie!'..

‘But look at what she caused?!'.

‘So? So you want to carry a gun to fight?!"..

‘Yes mom that's what I want t—

‘While you're carrying a baby?!!'..

‘It doesn't mean anything mom!'..

‘Of course it matters you dimwit!! What if Daniel wakes up and you die?! Is this really worth it?! Risking your life just for what exactly?! Do you think I would bear loosing you?.You can't even hold a gun properly and you're here acting like an idiot'..Eunice yelled much to the dismay of the doctors..

‘Look mom I won't let her get away with this'..Kylie bursted into tears again and Eunice stroked her hair softly..

‘She won't get away with it I promise you'...


Soaked in her own best friend's pool of blood Clarice grabbed a gun from the table and then placed it on her head but stopped halfway of pulling the trigger...

Why did she have to kill herself when the person responsible for all her woes was still alive??,she thought as she dropped the gun down..

After regaining herself from the suicide trap she took off her coat and then changed into something cleaner so the people outside wouldn't know what was really going on..

‘Stay there bit*ch'..She muttered as she locked the door on Wendy's dead and proceeded to her clearly hiding the gun in her right hand pocket..

But she didn't walk far when the police arrived..

‘Can I help you officers??'..She asked with a fake smile on her face and the female officer smiled..

‘Where is the woman you murdered?'.. She asked and Clarice's eyes popped up..

‘Huh? What are you—

‘Someone uploaded a live feed of you killing your friend from the next building ma'am and also we have reports about your mother's missing case which you failed to file..You are under arrest lady so please just cooperate and let's get you to jail'..



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