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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 8💊💉

Kylie hung up immediately and just then Danielle walked in..

‘What is going on??'..She asked and Kylie sniffed lightly...

‘It's nothing baby your brother is just..Don't worry have you had dinner'..She said trying to cover up her pain but Danielle could see right through her..

‘Okay I know something is definitely wrong cause you never call me baby or any sweet names ever!'..

‘Danielle I think your brother is missing'...


‘Come here'.. Clarice whispered as she tugged Daniel towards her and he rolled his eyes...

‘Go crazy Clarice, it's not like I'm going to enjoy this anyway'..He sighed deeply and Clarice only laughed..

‘Ohh trust me you are going to enjoy it with pleasure'..She whispered and the pushed him onto the bed..

Immediately after she stripped herself naked she climbed on top of his and started kissing his lips,chest and abdomen where he got deeply aroused even though he didn't want to..

‘Look baby you've got a hard on already and I didn't even try'..She chuckled again and removed his belt buckle,unzipped his pants and then began sucking his d**k...

‘Mmmh,mmh'..She moaned instead as she cupped his balls lusciously and kept sucking like her life depended on it..

‘Cla...Clarice that's... that's..

‘Good?? More than good!'..She asked.

‘No that's enough!!!'..He yelled and she jolted away from his body..

‘You are feisty Daniel,more than I even remember and I wonder how that pregnant goat you kept in your house manages you'...She said..

‘Her name is Kylie and she is way more beautiful than you and also loves me back even more than I love her'..He replied Clarice just rolled her eyes..

She pushed him back flat on the bed and then inserted his c**k inside her and then began riding him cowgirl style...

But ..

Unknown to him there was a rolling camera beside the water vase and Clarice had another trick up her sleeve..

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