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   A Deal With Doctor Daniel
      (I don't want to loose you)

      💊💉 Episode 7💊💉

‘Clarice this isn't funny and you know it pretty well! Stop this!'..Daniel said as he tried grabbing the phone from her hands but she was too quick..

‘Ohh so now you have a reason to talk to me huh?? You know I thought we were going to get married Daniel and maybe have three kids'..She chuckled..

‘You are delusional!'..He groaned and she cupped the little bulge in his pants..

‘Hmmm this used to me my source of joy you know?? I worshipped it,I sucked it,I licked it and I enjoyed when it slid into my pu$$y'..She whispered and he held his breath..

‘Clarice what we had was years ago and now I'm happy with Kylie!! We're even having a baby and when it's born I am going to propose to her'..He said..

‘Ohh really?? Too bad it's not going to happen..The picture has been sent to a person on standby Daniel and if you don't cooperate it's going to be posted immediately all over social media'..She threatened with a venomous look in her eyes..

‘What do you want?? Is it money?? Is it—

‘I want you Daniel!! I want you to f**k me here and now!!'..She yelled at the top of her voice..

‘I can't Clarice'..His face went downcast with fear of loosing Kylie..

‘Ohh Doctor Daniel wants to loose his baby girlfriend'..Clarice taunted in a little girly voice until he finally agreed..

‘Fine let's—

‘Ohh not here Daniel, I've booked us a hotel for two days, it's going to be long hours for your d**k'..


Kylie stuffed her cheeks with marshmallows even though she was advised to stay away from surgery foods but she just couldn't help herself..

Her phone instantly made a ting sound and when she checked her message box it was from Daniel..

💬:Not going to be home in two days,I'm off on medical business in Boston.Sorry for not calling.I LOVE YOU!(Give baby a kiss from daddy)..

Her face was clouded with anxiety and sadness as she turned off her phone and bursted into tears..

Daniel never left the house talk less of the city without telling her??..

She turned her phone on again and this time dialed Marie's number..

📱:Hey doc'..

📲:Hey Kylie what's the problem??'..

📱:Well it's Daniel,he said he was on medical business in Boston'..

📲:Huh?? Daniel?? He hasn't even showed up in the hospital yet and no one sent him to Boston?!'..

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