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 👑♥️The King's Wife👑♥️

     ♥️(How can you hate me when I love you??)♥️

     ♥️Episode 50♥️
(Final Episode/Epilogue)

King Xavier's POV ♥️

A year later 💕♥️
‘You know your daddy loves your mommy very much don't you??'..I whispered to my little son who I named Prince Adrian the second and also the heir to Arilea's throne...

‘Mmmh he knows you love me very much'..Elena whispered as she linked her arms around my waist and together we both admired the work of our creation...

‘You know I still say he has your eyes'..I muttered as I turned her around..

‘And he has your crooked nose'..She replied and I frowned...

‘My nose isn't crooked?? It's perfect just like you are'...

‘Ohh well I...'..Her voice trailed off as soon as Adrian began crying from his cot..

‘You know he hates seeing us trying to get intimate with each other,like he hates me per say'..I frowned deeply..

‘What are you saying he doesn't do that??'..Elena muttered..

‘Yes he does,Everytime I try to kiss or touch you he just starts crying'..I replied and just as she tried kissing me Adrian's cry grew worse .


‘Okay he's a little jealous but you're over reacting dear husband,after all you're the one who spilled your seed inside of me'..She gave me a lewd wink as she breast fed Adrian to sleep..

‘Mmmh I really want to spill my seed inside you right now'..I whispered and drew her closer just after she put our son to bed..

‘You are one perfect man King Xavier'..She said..

‘You know what's perfect?? YOU Elena, THE KING'S WIFE'..

     THE END ♥️



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