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 👑♥️The King's Wife👑♥️

     ♥️(How can you hate me when I love you??)♥️

     ♥️Episode 47♥️
(Quarter Finale)

King Xavier's POV ♥️

Hours Later ♥️
‘Ohh thank God he's awake'..I heard mother's voice as my eyes opened and when I turned around she was there,with Calla and John..

‘Wh... What happened??'..I asked and the look in their eyes clearly depicted that all wasn't good at all..

‘Xavier we want you to rest okay?? You clearly need it and when you're fully recovered we'll explain everything to you'..Mother replied..

‘No done tell me to relax where is Elena??'..I asked and Calla bursted into tears..

‘What is going on??'..

‘She's a terrible person brother,I should have never trusted her and even become close with her..She's a bad person!!'..She cried out and quickly walked out of the room..

What is she talking about??..

‘John??'..I turned to my brother to ask about what was going on and he shook his head and also walked away like he was disappointed or something..

‘Mother what is going on??'..I turned to mother this time in hope and she sighed deeply but didn't walk away...

‘Well you were poisoned and it was Elena who poisoned you'..She broke the news down to me and I gapsed loudly...

‘What?!! That...that isn't possible?!! Elena would never think of doing something as despicable as that??! Hell no! Not after she told me she loved me she can't just do that to me?? No she wouldn't do that'..

‘Xavier i—

‘Tell me it's a lie mother!! Please tell me this is all a ruse and all just a joke that my wife tried to kill me!! Please just tell me it's a prank she's trying to play'..I said trying to get up...

‘'s not a joke Xavier!! Don't you see?!! I was also shocked when she brought out the antidote and that's why you're alive now,she didn't explain but as soon as she knew you were alright she ran out of the castle and she hasn't returned yet'..Mother replied trying to support me...

I don't believe Elena would do such a thing to me..

No matter what anyone says I just want her to look at me in the eye and tell me she didn't poison me intentionally...

I just want her to look at me with her beautiful blue eyes and tell me she wasn't responsible for my almost dying..

I just want to hear the truth from her..

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