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 👑♥️The King's Wife👑♥️

     ♥️(How can you hate me when I love you??)♥️

     ♥️Episode 46♥️

Evaline's POV ♥️

‘We are leaving Nana! I hope you didn't poison the king did you?!'..I whispered under my breath as I began packing my bags in a frenzied way..

‘Ohh no of course I know how to match make but poison the king when I actually want you to marry him?? Ohh hell no'...Nana replied shaking her head vigorously...

‘Good,the drama here is too much and I clearly don't care about the king anymore so let's just go before any other problem occurs and they blame it on us'..I whispered and she snickered...

‘Of course they can't pin anything on us we clearly didn't do anything wrong and the last time I checked you haven't been close to the king...I just hope he doesn't die he's been a lot of help to Northinberg lately during the wall and if he dies then we're surely in trouble'..

‘Well let's go then shall we?? I'm sick of this place already'..

Elena's POV♥️

‘I..I...I've got a confession to make guys'..I muttered under my breath .

‘No we're very busy Elena no one is—

‘I poisoned Xavier and I have the antidote!!!'..I yelled and all attention was placed on me..

‘You didn't what?!!'..John Asked and I started crying again...

‘I..I'm...I'm very sorry guys and I totally understand if you'll hate me but right now I have to save him and I don't know if this would actually work but let's just give it a—

‘You won't touch my son Elena,I can't believe that after how hard he tried to impress you you still went ahead to poison him?? And you're carrying his child?!!'.. Queen Mother cried out and I shook my head..

‘i..I will explain things later but please let's just save Xavier!!'..

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