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 👑♥️The King's Wife👑♥️

     ♥️(How can you hate me when I love you??)♥️

     ♥️Episode 45♥️

Elena's POV♥️

‘I...I am so sorry Xavier!!! I...I thought I had given you the antidote I'm so sorry!!'..I cried out as I scrambled around looking for the little crystal-like vial...

‘W...What do... what do you mean by Oh my I don't think I can breathe anymore'..He gasped for air and then queen mother and his siblings ran into the room..

‘What happened?!!'..John asked..

‘He..He just started gasping for air and...Gosh I'm so scared'..I literally bursted into tears..

‘Calla quick get the physician to come here quick we really need his help!!'..He ordered and at that moment blood had started coming out of Xavier's mouth...

This is my fault!!..

This is all my fault!!..

Now I know the Shaman was right when he said I might regret my decision!!..

Now I'm regretting all I did and I don't want him to die??..

‘Oh my what terrible tragedy has befell the king?? I hope no one has poisoned him??'..Evaline chipped in and I gulped hard...

I poisoned my own husband for heaven's sake just because I hated him more than anything and now I'm in deep trouble because of it...

What am I going to do??..

‘He..Where is the physician!! Where is the doctor Xavier isn't breathing anymore!! he isn't breathing anymore someone do something!!'..John yelled and I flinched a little bit...

If I bring out the antidote now everyone will know how I tried to kill him and would probably hate me for betrayal..

But if I wait on he's going to die...

Time is running out and I don't know what to do anymore..

Should I just say the truth or should I wait till the physician come back..

What am I going to do I'm so confused??..

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