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 👑♥️The King's Wife👑♥️

     ♥️(How can you hate me when I love you??)♥️

     ♥️Episode 41♥️

King Xavier's POV cont'd ♥️

‘Ohh I didn't know you'd take my prank so seriously I'm sorry'..Evaline said with a sad look in her eyes and I smiled...

‘You don't have to worry about that it's okay,let's just have the picnic then'..I said trying not to act so uncomfortable around her..

What's wrong with her??..

It's like she doesn't want me and Elena to be together or something but I know that's not true...

I don't think that's true anyway,she's so nice and very polite and she doesn't look like someone who would do something very sinister..

‘Do you believe in Love your highness??'..She asked..

‘Yes I do'..I replied..


‘Well it's simple,it just grows on you if you accept it,when I learned that my mother had gotten me married without my permission I was furious and angry as hell but I controlled myself anyway and when I saw her she was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen or come in contact with...It was love at first sight actually and her tiny voice drove me nuts and even though she hated me I let myself grow on her and how here we are... Although she hasn't said much about how much she loves me I know she does'..I explained..

‘Ohhh it must have been really hard trying to convince her and all'..She muttered and I nodded...

‘I had given up though,but even though I didn't and now all I can say is that she's worth it'..

At Night 🌃 ♥️
I walked into my room and smiled seeing Elena on my bed but what put the smile on my face was that she wasn't wearing anything..

She laid on her back and her hair sprawled across her back and I gulped hard seeing how outlined her shape was under the bed covers..

‘Let me guess,you're angry I had a picnic with princess Evaline and you want to punish me by letting me see your beautiful body but I wouldn't touch you'..I asked..

‘Yep'..She replied without turning around..

‘Okay I'm sorry, forgive me?'..I asked again..

’Nope,good night dear husband'.. She replied and I chuckled..

‘Goodnight crazy wife'..

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