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 👑♥️The King's Wife👑♥️

     ♥️(How can you hate me when I love you??)♥️

     ♥️Episode 40♥️

Elena's POV ♥️

‘It was just a walk you don't have to be so irky about it??'.. Xavier said as he walked into the room but I clearly ignored him..

‘Elena I...

‘i never complained or said anything about what you do Xavier'..I cut in and tried walking away but he held me back..

‘You are one jealous woman Elena,but I love you anyway'..He whispered and kissed me lightly on the lips which sent my knees almost melting to the ground..

He wanted to pull away but I grabbed him by the shirt and kisses him back so hard like I had been starved for months..

‘Your...Ohhh sorry'..A guard interrupted us and i frowned deeply..

‘What's the problem this time??'.. I asked..

‘Uhhh Princess Evaline wants to see the king,she said it's urgent'..He replied and I rolled my eyes..

‘I...I'll be back Elena I promise let me just see what the problem is'..Xavier said and I just scoffed and walked away angrily...

That Princess is up to something..

and I'm going to find out what..

King Xavier's POV ♥️

‘i heard you needed me Evaline'..I muttered as I walked down to the courtyard and she just smiled..

‘What's the emergency Evaline??'..I asked again...

‘Emergency?? Hell no I just want you to have a picnic with me'...She replied and I frowned deeply..

Is she out of her mind?!!...

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