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 👑♥️The King's Wife👑♥️

     ♥️(How can you hate me when I love you??)♥️

     ♥️Episode 36♥️

Elena's POV cont'd ♥️

‘That isn't possible!! That's not possible Keegan will never over me he just wouldn't do it!! That's impossible!!'..I gasped in disbelief and Xavier smiled..

‘Think whatever Elena I don't care about what you think about me anymore all I just want to say is that I will never choose money over you and I will kill a thousand men for you'..

‘But...But why...Why??'..I rose to my feet in tears...

‘Why what Elena?? For months you blamed me for his death and you hated me even when I knew he wasn't really dead'..He murmured..

‘Why didn't you tell me??'...I asked him..

‘You're going through a lot of pain right now aren't you?? So you see?? I never wanted you to know the truth cause it would cause you pain'..He replied..

‘So you let me hate you instead??'..

‘Yes,well I have to go now I have more pressing matters to attend to'..He said and walked away....

But why??..

Why would Keegan just choose money over me??..

He is the same person who vowed to fight for me until his last breath but he quickly took the opportunity to make his life better...

I hate him!!..

I hate him so much!!..

Why did Xavier not tell me this earlier??..

Now I don't know who to hate anymore and what to do..

Oh no the Poison...

I poisoned Xavier even when he didn't really kill Keegan..

Oh no what have I done?!!

I need to fix this somehow or some way I just need to fix this now!!..

What do I do??..

‘Meredith I need your help really quick!!'..I said aloud as I spotted my personal maid..

‘What might that be your highness??'..She asked..

‘We have to go see that Shaman'..



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