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 👹The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son...... So I fell in love with him) 



         🌏 ETHAN

   "C'mon get up and dress for school"mom urged me on and I sluggishly got up from her laps stretching my arms and then a yawn 

      After yawning, I relaxed back on the bed but her nagging chased me out of the bed and then to the bathroom

   When am in the bathroom, I remembered that there was something I'm forgetting to do and I normally do that every morning so I popped out my head from the bathroom door to see that my mom was still in the room

   So I searched for the invisible mark on top of everyone's head which can only be seen by me

  I wonder why its only me who can see that visible red and green light on everyone's head and others can't see it on their heads

   I always read the RED mark as the deadline of a person while the GREEN one was for life and when I checked my mom's, hers was GREEN and I felt relieved 

   My mom isn't dying today

   I sighed and went back into the bathroom to take a bath 

   After bathing, brushing and oiling my hair, I checked the rectangular mirror which was fixed in my bathroom to check my own head to see my own mark and it was RED!!! 

    Fear gripped me

I have a red mark on my head which means my end is near, my whole body turned shaky and not long enough I heard a loud voice from the outside my bathroom and fear gripped 

    It was my mother's voice, what happened to her? 

   I grabbed onto a towel that I could see and then wrapped it around my waist before I ran out to see my mom in the pool of her own blood.

"Mother!!! " I exclaimed slumping on my knees beside her and I saw as she struggled for the remaining life in her

  What went wrong? She had a green mark on her head so why did she die? 

    I have a red mark which means death so why her? 
What went wrong? Maybe I calculated wrongly today, maybe I got it all wrong

     "Mother! " I called her faintly raising her head to my laps and her blood tainted me 

     Tears spilled out of my eyes 

She's so precious to me

    Her shaky hands got up slowly from her body coming to my face and I helped her rest her hands on my cheeks

     "Mother who did this you?"

   She gasped many times for breath so it forced me to yell out to dad who was somewhere in the house but no response came from him

    I didn't check his head today! Oh my God! 

     I quickly and carefully laid back mom on the floor and took my legs running into dad's room and what I saw got me gasping to catch my breath and breathe sternly 

       "Father!! " I yelled running in to meet him in his own pool of blood 

     I went closer to see that he had already given up the ghost

   He was dead!! 

Oh no!! 

    "Daddy!!! "
I yelled and and my echo sounded about the room and someone started laughing 

    The laughter came as a female's voice so my blood got hot and my whole body changed, revenge sounded in my head repeatedly as I ran after the voice to know why she killed my parents when I remembered that I left my mom alone in the room

  So I ran back to her to see her sitting up with all her blood clothed on the floor

    I ran to her and she fell into my arms
    "We're not your parents Ethan.... " she mumbled 


Green and red mark? 

What went wrong?? 

Care to know?

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