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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son.... So I fell in love with him) 



The devil who takes care of hell has a son! 

   A son?? 

Yes he slept with a human woman whom he fell in love with when he was busy drawing souls to himself

       He laid with her without her knowledge and she got pregnant without knowing who was the father because all her life, she is a virgin

  But she's carrying a baby! 

The devil's son!!! 

    She gave birth to him and the day she gave birth, she died so she couldn't live up to see the baby's face or hold him in his arms

    The devil's son stayed in the orphanage for the two years of his life until he was adopted into a nice family of Mr and Mrs Ethan

  They were childless 

  But what then happened when he (Ethan Jnr.) grows up to understand the kind of mystic powers he's got, seeing evil things with out imagining 

   And the worst part, he sees everyone's death on their heads

   He was a strange child, at least everyone even his foster parents knows that 

   Then how about the signs his dad gives him in his dream to come to where he belongs? 

    A nightmare he has every night? 

      Then what about when he crossed paths with Grachi 



She doesn't know about her identity but she's opposite of what the devil's son is

    She's from another planet and she don't know of it 

   An angel's daughter!!!!..... 

Want the full story? 


It will hold you spell bound to the end

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