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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I didn't know he was the devil's son.... So I fell in love with him) 




Another nightmare! 

   I breathed heavily counting my breath severally before I stopped breathing 

     I helped myself out of the bed and then held onto the rails of the bed as forced my feet out of the ward

    A long hallway faced me as I came out of the ward and doctors and nurses walked about, some were still looking sorrowful about what happened earlier (the doctor who slumped and died) and some were rushing in with a stretcher which was conveying casualties

    I looked at their heads, few people had GREEN mark on their heads while RED were many

    Then what I saw in my dream earlier occured to me
   I define their deaths and life son! 

   No! I can't believe that, it was a mere dream
  Some nurses walked past me bowing their heads at me and I bowed back before I looked over their heads to see the RED mark on their heads

   What does it mean? Why is it confusing me? RED is always for death and I've seen many who had RED mark on their heads die while the GREEN lives, so why does the GREEN ones die? 

And why do I have a RED mark too instead of a GREEN? 

   Its confusing, its so confusing 

I thought and then my head started shaking and turned hot, causing and sending down pain to the rest of my body

   And my eye became blurry, and all the nurses and doctors, people too in the hospital began to appear as ghost in front of me

   The ones with RED mark on their heads were unclean, so it seems with the way they walked and it was written on their forehead 

And the ones with GREEN mark were clean, they appeared decent with the way they dressed and it was also written on their forehead 

My head was too heavy for me to bear that I slumped back on the ground 

"Are you okay? "

Faint voices asked helping me up and that the last thing I heard.... 


After series of fightings and naggings from everyone, they took me to the cops

   As I sat down on the chair, almost every cop peered into my face to see the murderer who killed her mistress 

    "So what happened young girl? How did she die? "

I was stiff, I couldn't bare a word to anyone 
    I stared at them and felt delighted by the way they spoke so I started laughing making them confused about my behaviour

     I laughed for some minutes before I shut my mouth up again 

     But why could she possibly die? She pulled at my hair and then died 

   And earlier on, Giselle complained that when she pulled at my hair, she got an injury on that same palm

   But I don't get anything right, what's wrong? 

Or am I dreaming huh?? Someone should wake me up because I don't know why this is happening 

    "Young girl! " a male voice banged the table to alert my attention and I paid attention to him immediately even though the loud bang gave me goose bumps quickly

     "How did she die, we need your statement please... And your name? Age? Home??... "

"Grachi... Grachi... That's my name" I snapped at him not letting him finish up with what he wanted to say

   "Age? "

"I don't know? What age do you think I should be into? " I asked 

I really don't know my age or when I was born

    He looked at me so puzzled at what I say and I forced out a smile for him

  He blinked his eyes twice and started looking at me lustfully

     He seems to be enchanted by my looks! 

This wasn't the first time men get enchanted by just one look at my smile 

     He kept admiring me that his colleagues had worried look on their faces on why he should be looking at me like that 

     "Baby I've been looking for you for a long time... I didn't get any chance to confess to you the last time " he suddenly started speaking 

     He held my two hands kissing them repeatedly 

    "I missed you so much beauty" he confessed kissing my knuckles over and over again till I had to pull my hands away from his

    I stood up from the chair and all eyes were on me
    "Hey young girl sit down! "Another different cop yelled at me and I knew how I will get out of here without uttering a word

   A smile! 

I spread out my lips into a wild smile and stared at every young guy and man in the room..... 


What's wrong with Grachi? 

She's got enchantment! 

And Ethan? How about him?? 

Let's find out

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