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👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son....So I fell in love with him) 




I bent down and felt her neck and nothing showed like she was alive and panic rose inside me

    I slumped down supporting my whole weight with my two hands which were on the floor

   I couldn't move and I couldn't shout
What just happened? Why did she die? What suddenly killed her

     "Mom! Mom!! " I heard little Mabel's voice behind me as she ran into the kitchen and I was still dazed, I couldn't even say any word to her

   She stood behind her mom calling her name repeatedly and when she saw that she wasn't replying her, she sat down on the floor beside her slapping her slightly on her shoulder to wake her up

     "Mom! Mom get up from the floor, I want cornflakes ask Grachi to make one for me" she said as she kept on shaking her mother

    "What happened here? Grachi why is she on the floor? " Her eldest sister Giselle who was about my age asked as she threw herself on the ground and laying her head down on her stomach 

  And the next second, she shouted in panic, 
    "Mother? What happened to her Grachi? "She asked bringing her mom's head up and it fell back lifelessly to the floor 
She started shouting and my panic rose the more

   "Grachi what have you done with my mom? What have you done? What did you do to her? Huh!! She's dead Grachi!! She's dead"

   "I know she's dead" my mouth blurted and I felt guilty immediately for what I said but I think my whole body meant it actually

She's wicked so she deserved death! 

   "You knew? And... And... "She came at me pulling me up by my hair in utmost anger and I didn't react

     She flung my hair many times which shook my head the way she flung it 

     "You bitch! You killed my mother!! "She yelled and his brother who was older than the both of us came running into the kitchen

    "What happened here? " he barked throwing his soft glares at me

     "Grachi what is it? "He asked politely before  his eyes reached the floor to see his mom on the floor

He panicked rushing to the floor immediately 

    "Mother wake up what happened? "
   "Grachi killed her!!! " Giselle shouted and he turned his gaze to look at me almost immediately that she said it

    "What!!!!! "


     What is wrong with me? Maybe  I'm dreaming 

Something is wrong somewhere, maybe the marks switched

      Maybe something is wrong with it, but RED is death and GREEN is life

   LIFE and DEATH..... 

* Red is death.... Haha haha who thought you that son

Son? Where am I? 

    I asked myself after I heard an echo from nowhere in a dark desert that had no ending 

   I don't know what am doing here but I find myself walking and walking nonstop

    *Son!.... You define their deaths and their life son! 
The echo said again and I turned around me to get who is talking to me but I couldn't find anyone 

   Its a man's voice and he's calling me his son! 

 Does it mean he's my father? Mom told me before she died that they are not my parents so he must be my dad

 *Ofcuz I'm your dad... You have grown so much... Your power is growing massively too

*my dad? Who are you? 

I said to him from my thought and he seemed to be hearing my thought and speaking through it too

  Who is he? What kind of man is he? 
And what about what he said about my powers? What powers? 

*you're so curious boy.. So curious, I erased everything that will hinder you from coming back home... A place that only you belong.

What is he saying? 

*You're the DEVIL'S SON! 

I jerked up from my bed gasping for breath 
  I looked around me and I was still in the hospital

   Another nightmare! 

Its getting tougher guys, 

Who killed Grachi's mistress?? 

Want to know?

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