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 👹 The devil's son 👹

( I never knew he was the devil's son.... So I fell in love with him) 




  She kissed me deeply and came at my shirts pulling it off and the came at my under clothes

It was all in a rush and in a matter of minutes, I was naked on the bed

  I didn't want this but I had no choice so I complied

   I flipped her over till I was on top of her

"Ahh"she groaned as I came into her

I grunted too


Its so fuvking good! 


What the heck am I doing?? 

I drilled in faster and faster till I cum inside of her....

Hours later, 

I stirred and my eyes fell open, I saw a head filled with hairs resting on my chest and I became curious

  I was naked! 

I found out it was so and then the head raised up and it was Sheila!! 

My mouth fell open as I stared at her

What did we do was the only thing ringing in my head

Am naked and she's naked, even lying in my arms too! 

What the hell just happened between us!!!


I succeeded in gettinh myself out from them 

They can't be my parents 

No way they can be

Did they know how much I've been through already 



"Grachi! "I heard someone call from behind me and I turned to see Sheila standing behind me

  She was giggling as she ran towards me but something was strange

  Ethan wasn't with her

 "Where is he? "

"In his bed probably tiding himself up after a hectic afternoon"

She said with a wink and I felt like slapping her cheeks for her

"You know I never knew Ethan was such a great man down there"

What does she mean by all this? 

    "Grachi!!! "Someone called my name from afar

It was that same man pestering me saying he's my father 

   He came closer and when his eyes met Sheila's 

He frowned and that was when she disappeared

Do they possibly know each other?, 

Maybe they do

  But what was she saying about... 

         👹 DEVIL

I smiled as I made my way into his room

He was scattering everything in his room and it was in ruins

It was so unwise sending Sheila away earlier 

Thanks God she didn't heed my advice to leave

  I smirked and he rolled his eyes at me

"I want to disappear"
He sobered falling into my arms

He needs comfort otherwise he wouldnt have hugged me after all I let him pass through all this while

   He sobbed

I patted his shoulder

"Its okay"

"Its not father, its not! I slept with Sheila! I never want to see her again"

"I hate her, I want her killed for making me do what I did"

That's my son speaking

My son should be fearless and daring and not a weakling

 "Its natural to feel that way after being betrayed"

He sobbed the more when he heard me say that.

"I need her dead! And the sex demons who made me go through pain dead too!! "

He thundered and I chuckled within me

This is the son I wanted, a fearless son! 

And am happy am making him into the son I want him to be

   "No one dies here Ethan, they can only be put into the lake of fire.. "

"I need them to be in the lake of fire"he commanded with his eyes looking as devilish as it could be

  "You will do that yourself son! "I urged him on 

"I will do that myself, "

"She's the daughter of... "

"I don't care whose daughter she is or was... "


This is my son!! 

Our Ethan is turning bad😳😳😳

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