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 👹 The devil's son 👹

( I never knew I was the devil's son... So I fell in love with him) 





She finished what she was doing and then packed up the ruins which she made on the ground

  Ouch! I grunted as she touched my shoulder

She said and I hissed

"Don't you know that it hurts"
I complained 

"Sorry "

We fell silent both of us buried to their own thoughts 

   I regret myself for being a devil's son
  Its so bad and I hate it so much 

I wish I was ordinary and I will want nothing more than that

Being a devil's son is very complicated
   Son of a beast! 

The same devil in the bible that lures people to sin

I'm his son! 


It doesn't seem correct at all

   I glanced over at Sheila and she was already sleeping on the chair she was sitting on

  I nudged her a bit and she fell into me on the bed

I gulped.....

I tried pushing her off but she seemed heavy so I managed to lie her beside me 

  Her blonde hair scattered over her face and I tried helping her in dressing it when her eyes opened and then kissed me... 

         🌍 GRACHI 

    "You mean you guys are angels? "I asked in awe

I can't believe it at all

I mean how can they be my parents? 

  The man shifted to my side and then touched the side of my face again like he did the last time

"The invicible mark that enchants every man is on your face, I can see it" he admired looking at a spot on my face

Hold on! 

What did he just say? 

The mark that enchants every man? 

Is on my face??!! 

And I haven't seen it for once 

Is that why I... Is that why I enchant people 

These guys are getting me more curious about myself

  Its making me forget what I was looking for, where Ethan went to

I'm seeming to forget that for a while

    "You're my daughter Cinderella, that's what we called you " he said tenderly as tears came out of his eyes

He hugged me again

  He's my dad! 

Then how did I get here?? 

  "I never knew I would one day see you again daughter " he said

"Awwn honey"the woman smiled and then clasped her hands together staring at the both of us

I'm confused

I'm so confused 

    "I'm Cinderella? But... My name is Grachi, I'm Grachi" I explained and he hushed me

  "Stay quiet here"he said playfully and then tugged at my hair

"Young long blue hair has finally grown"

Blue hair? 

Is that what they see? 

"My hair is black please "I corrected and he disagreed

"No, you have a blue hair from birth and yellow eyes too"

Yellow eyes!! 

My head is threatening to burst open on its own

  Hold on! 

Where is a mirror?  

I really need that right now.

"Relax Grachi, I will go get... "

"No please I need to leave right now "I cut in immediately I recalled that Ethan was still missing 

  "Grachi you can't go like that! "
She whimpered and I got more confused

Could they really be my parents and I never knew about it? 

I'm not sure, I grew up without my parents, so I won't even know them when I see them again

  If need be,... 


  "The girl grew up fine my lord"

"Okay "I nodded and relaxed back on my couch 

"She's already interconnected with the devil's son like you wished "

"Good! Anything else"

"Her parents are looking for her "


"And... Ethan is in love with Grachi likewise Grachi... She loves him"

"Weldone job! Like I wanted it to happen

Destroying the devil will he pretty easy"

I chuckled at that thought

Ha haha haha haha haha!!! 

  I can't believe it all worked out like I wanted


A good game well played

   "Anything else "

"Ethan is in hell and Grachi is here with her parents

Bad news isn't it? "

I shook terribly 

This is bad

It shouldn't happen this way

"Make Grachi not to believe that they are not her parents for some days please "
I commanded and he bowed and left

Maybe he had no other messages again to give to me.... 

Who is the unknown?? 

Let's find out guys😍

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