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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son..... So I fell in love with him) 




    "We're not your parents Ethan... Your mother... She coughed... Your mother is... "She died off before she could finish up what she wanted to say

    "Mother! Mother!!!!!!! "I yelled and all the whole room turned dark

  And I heard muffled voice and heavy footsteps stomped to the floor severally coming close to where I was

  *mother... Echo sounded in the room and I became extremely scared

*Mom!... Another echo and I laid my mom on the ground so I could get who that was but I didn't even reach up to two steps when I heard a loud bang on the back of my head and I fell to the ground..... 
    "Mom..... Mom... Mom... " I gasped and then threw my eyes open

"Are you okay?are you okay?? " I heard voices around me as I blinked my eyes weakly and I jerked up from the bed

    I saw people in white coats and surrounding me and I swallowed an empty saliva with my whole body turned hot and sweats scattered all around my skin

    "Where am I? "

"In the hospital, you passed out" someone said and I quickly transferred my gaze to their heads

    They had RED mark on their heads

    They are going to die! 
    Fear gripped me again and another doctor came in with GREEN mark on his head 

   He's the only one with a GREEN mark on his head which means he's the only one who's going to live

     But he didnt walk upto two steps so he could reach up to me so he could treat me when he slumped to the floor

   They all rushed around him and then, 
     They made muffled voices, some shouted, while some said started wailing and crying

     Meaning he's dead!! 

Oh no! That can't be!! 

I saw it clearly he had a GREEN mark on his head 

  I have been counting it this way, a red mark is for the dead and the green mark was for life

    What went wrong? I looked up to their head again as they carried the doctor out of the room and I saw the same RED mark on their heads and my breath felt stiff

 And I slumped back to the bed unconscious..... 



I blinked my eyes twice and got up from my bed, I'm ten minutes late already from what I do every morning when I woke up

   I rushed into the kitchen to prepare morning meal for my mistress when I saw that she was already there making breakfast for her kids

   I became scared

Maybe I angered her again, I really shouldn't have angered her this morning 

    All my whole body started shaking and I didn't know when I tripped and fell on the floor alerting her attention and she turned to me

   My eyes met hers and she started walking towards me.

"Why did you wake up so late today,? " she barked pulling me up by my hair 

  She hit me on my face and I dodged it and her hand ended up hitting a wall which was behind me

    She groaned in pain and she came at me fully 

She said I should never be late for my morning duties else she'd kill me and I should never report to the cops else she will say that I never have a home, I'm a child from nowhere 

And seriously, I don't know my parents and I don't know where I came from or grew 

   She stared at me murderously and then hit me this time she really got at me and I shouted out loudly and she fell to the ground dead!! 


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  1. I'm loving this story already... More episodes my able author



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