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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son.... So I fell in love with him) 




   "Now we're alone and you're back with me" she heaved clinging to me as we came back to hell

    "Where is he? "I asked

"My father, you said, he was asking of me"

"Oh yeah but we have to spend more time with each... "

"Where is he? " I yelled at her and she jerked immediately coming back to her stupid senses

"Lemme take you to him then"she scowled and then led the way to my dad's chambers

   We reached his room and Sheila slipped out of the room

  I made a sign to indicate that someone was in here and then his husky voice came :

  "You know, there's a story which I never want to tell you and it looks like you want to know of it"

"What story? "I asked already getting anxious at the mention of a story

   "Psst! You're too young to know but tmin summary of it all is... Its not always good to love someone whom you don't share the same world with? "

  "Meaning? "

He glared at me 

"Have a seat, you're speaking with your father"
He offered and I sat down 

  " you know Ethan, I watched you from the time you're born and got weaned by another and all that stuff... "

Remembering a sad past! 

   "I don't care to know"I snapped and he smirked 
   "Psst! You're really like your father Ethan loving someone you shouldn't love and... "He eyed me "never mind"he added and I scoffed 

  "Look Ethan, You can't love her"

Was that why I was sent here? 

  Damn it! 

   "You shouldn't tell me whom to love and who not to, I'm fine without you! I've always done without you and please stop acting as if you care when you don't! "

I ranted

"You don't talk to your father like that else I will send you to the sex demons again"

Sex demons? 

  "You were the one who sent me to them... "

"Yes I did! And I made Sheila rescue you and all that you saw in your dream was all true and facts "

"Look Devil, stay out of my life please and stop messing it up am begging you"

"You called me by my name Ethan! " 
He barked and I hissed
Maybe i'm getting my self so angry

  I calmed down a bit as his fierce eyes raced with so much fire as he glared at me

   "Ethan, no one dares do what you just did! I was only advising you like... "

"I've heard enough father.... "

  "Sex demons "he said and snapped his hands... 


      "I'm sorry woman, I'm so sorry"I helped the woman up and she nodded staring non stop at me

   "It's okay, "she replied 
I helped her up with her bag and she smiled at me

   "Thanks daughter what's your name"
She asked

"I'm Grachi " I replied and she nodded

   "Grachi, you look like my own daughter Cinderella "she said and I nodded

    "Oh... That's good, but now ma'am I'm in a hurry please, talk to you later" I said and hurried off....


     I was busy doing some official duties when she bursted into the house happily

  "I saw someone who look like Cinderella "

    "How did you know its her? "I asked still busy with mh duties

  "That small invicible mark was on her left face" she said and my heart ceased beating immediately 

"A small invicible mark? "

Its my daughter?! 

   I left what I was doing and came closer to her 

"Where did you see her? " I asked apprehensively 

  "She's gone"


That's my daughter


Our door bell rang and I went to the door 
  I opened the door to see a young girl standing at the door

"I'm looking for a woman and here is her adress, and she forgot this "she waved a little tiny bag which actually belonged to my wife so I took it from her before examining her face

   My wife came to the door and... 

"Grachi, what brings you here? " 


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