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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son... So I fell in love with him) 




"Sheila what are you doing here? " I grinned and she smirked

"Well... Earth is nice... I mean the world" she shrugged looking around the hospital 

"What are you guys doing here? Is this where we are going to live Ethan? "

"We?? "

  "Yes we or arent we getting married again? "

I clenched my fist and my eyes met the cops, they were staring at us

  So i softened my face a little bit 

I looked over their heads and they had a RED mark on their head

I didn't panic, at least I've become used to it
And I thought instantly that I was the one who decided what they should have on their heads and that's why it was RED

   Grachi held my hand into hers interlocking our fingers so Sheila could see it

  And she did see it

She almost bursted out but she respected the cops who were here with us 

   "How did you get here"

"Well am part of you already since we were bethroted and announced in hell" she said freely not minding the cops who were here with us

  She waved her hands in the air and then clapped and the cops disappeared leaving me a panic

"What did you do to them? "

"Oh.. Are they so important?? "

"Sheesh! You killed them? You monster who calls herself a princess? Am calling the cops on you now" Grachi yelled as she ran out of the room

She smirked and then hissed the next minute 

   "You're coming with me back to hell, that was your father's orders"

"But I thought... he said I'm free to... "

"And you believed him? Well he needs you back now and we've to go now if you don't want to put her in danger" she said stressing the HER indicating that she was talking about Grachi 

"How? "

"We disappear, he said you were able to go back so easily because only your soul was in hell, "she stopped talking when she heard footsteps coming in....


    I walked into the room and met my wife combing her long hair vigorously and I smiled 

  She was dressed up 

She heard earlier told me that she needed to go see how the world looks like 

   And now she's already dressed up to go do that
  I stood behind her and then collected the comb from her

She turned her face at me and then smiled seeing that it was me 

I smiled at her too and then combed her hair for her

  "I can't hear her thoughts anymore"she blurted after some minutes of silence 

  "Me too" I sighed as I dropped the comb, I used my two palms to do finishing touches to her hair and then turned her around to face me

   "She will be fine, like she always did without us"

"I wish I can find her when I get out now " she mumbled and I frowned

"Don't tell me you're going out to look for her? "
I asked and she nodded repeatedly 

I hissed and then made her head lie on my chest and I patted her long hair for her

  "She would be fine, I once told you that " I soothed 

"I know she would be but she's... She's... "She broke up in tears

Oh? When will her tears end ? 

   "What if she's not in love with him? "I asked and she shook her head

"She loves him, I heard her clearly, she's in love with a devil and that's so bad for my daughter's fate"

"There you go again, don't say words like that, you will end up having a sin for yourself "

"I just miss her"
She muttered

"Me too honey huh" I kissed her forehead and then steadied her clothes 

"My wife is good to go now"I kissed her lips and she giggled at me....


I came back with a cop and there was no sign of Ethan or Sheila

They were both gone! 

Fear gripped me immediately 

They were both here before I left and now I can't find him again

  "Where are they? " he asked me

"They were here and I don't know where they are anymore " I said with pain in my voice

Where has that evil girl taken him to? 

Like what the fuvk is happening 

  I ran out of the ward and out of the hospital, only God knows where I was running to until I bumped into a woman.... 


Who was the woman? 

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