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 👹 The devil's son 👹

(I never knew he was the devil's son..... So I fell in love with him) 



       🌏 ETHAN

*Leave me alone! Let my mom go! Who are you? What the fuvk are you doing here this scary creature!!! Let go of my mom! *I yelled at a very scary being with two horns on his head 

  He was attacking my mom as if he wanted to kill her and mom wasn't saying anything, she seemed to be enjoying his touch on her

   She turned to face me and she had turned into a zombie with scary red eyes
    She blinked her eyes at me and started laughing with the scary being with horns cutting out her hair and eating all of it and I became extra scared

   My legs got shaky and I fell to the ground and my own eyes changed, it turned blazing colors of the rainbow and two horns popped out of my head and I shouted out loudly opening my eyes and sitting up from my bed

   Another nightmare

   I held my thumping heart breathing in out loudly and just then someone clicked the light switch and light fluttered into my room

   It was my mother who did it when I looked up 

    "Mother! " I called with my breath rather tense and she came to my side

    "Another nightmare? "

I nodded my head

    I keep having nightmares everyday I lay my head to sleep and I don't know what they mean

She made me lay my head in her arms and she patted my head repeatedly luring me into another sleep..... 

      *Ethan! Ethan! Ethan!! *

Someone was calling me and no matter how I searched for the caller I couldn't find that person

   Looking around me, I couldn't find anyone but it seemed like the sound was coming from a dark room which was in front of me

     I found my self following the endless dark path till..... 

     "Ethan wake up already its morning " I heard whisper into my ears and I fluttered my eyes open to see that I was still lying on my mom's laps and she was still patting my head

    It was another dream and who the hell was calling me? 

     I can't tell


Next episode drops tomorrow 

Drop your comments about the start 

Who was calling him

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