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Season 5

Episode 32

(Two promiscuous men)

Emily could no longer stay calm, seeing how hideous Jack's actions were. "What the hell are you doing? Fuck off!" she yelled. "Can't you see? People are watching. So, fuck off!"

Acting like he didn't hear her, Jack kissed her on her nose. With lustful eyes, he whispered, "It's okay, they don't care. See that? Nobody's watching. Perhaps, you want audiences?"

Annoyed, Emily used her strength to push him away and free herself from his grip. "Jack! I said, fuck away!" she pushed harder.

"It's too late now, my baby! You've already made me so hard," said Jack, trying to pull her back.

Hearing this, Emily started at him with burning eyes and rebuked, "Jack, you know what? Meeting you was the greatest regret of my life. How could you be this disgusting? Go away, you asshole!"

Jack might've drunk a little, but he was still completely sober. How could he do such a thing to Emily with all those people watching? Blinded by anger and disgust, Emily couldn't understand his actions. 'How could he stand the possibility of letting other people watch me naked in this place? Really, was he this crazy?' she thought.

All this time, Jack only wanted to crack a joke. He simply wanted Emily to yield to him by fooling around.

However, his actions were too much for her, and he didn't expect her to react that way. Her words, like fire, burnt all of his reasons into trash.

"Disgusting? Did you just call me disgusting?" Jack sneered. "I only touched you and you already felt disgusted?" Spite reddened his dark eyes. He looked at Emily the way a beast looked at its prey. In the back of his mind, he thought, 'Is this how she sees me?'. With this, he continued, "Then what about Jacob? Don't you think he's an asshole whenever he touches you?"

Hearing this, Emily sneered and resentfully looked at him, "You? You don't even deserve to be compared to him."

'You don't even deserve to be compared to him, ' her words resonated in his mind. Like a wildly growing vine, jealousy entangled his heart. "Really? Oh, that reminds me. We didn't even make out during our entire relationship. Tell me, how far have you guys gone? How long did it take you to sleep with Jacob right after you met him?" Jack placed his foot in his mouth when he continued, "Well, could it be because he was your first man that you'll remain faithful to him forever?"

"Oh, will you please shut up, Jack! Why don't you just shut the hell up, you asshole!" His words made a deep wound on Emily's heart. She couldn't believe his words. 'Is this how you see me?' she thought. 'Just how low can you get?'

Desperation filled her eyes, in the back of her mind, she cried, 'Jack you bastard!'

As hatred and anger filled Emily, she finally lost her strength and stopped struggling. Thinking that she already gave up, Jack loosened his grip. He didn't want to hurt her anyway. Suddenly, they were both silent.

After a while, he calmly said, "Emily, I can give you everything. You just have to name it." Hearing this, she raised her head, looking straight into his eyes and said, "Really? Everything?" she replied.

He nodded. Suddenly, she closed her eyes and opened them again. "Then, how about your life? Can you give it to me?" she said, coldness filled her eyes.

Jack froze upon hearing this. Off-guard, he was suddenly pushed violently from behind, falling right to the ground. In an instant, Emily took the chance to free herself.

Running as fast as she could, she hid herself behind a stone and hurriedly dressed herself. When she recognized who came to rescue her, she was surprised to see Magee.

This puzzled Emily. At the back of her mind, for a moment, she somehow wished it was Jacob.

'Why is Magee here?' she thought. Seeing him was totally out of her expectation.

When Jack gained back his senses, he recognized the person who pushed him. Suddenly, his face turned grim, "Magee? What the hell are you doing?"

"Why are you here? I thought you told me…" Before he could finish, Magee, without a second thought, threw him another punch.

However, out of pure luck, his punch missed Jack's face by a hair. The two men wrestled on the beach by the river. Neither of them gave the other the chance for a break. They both desired to punch each other to death.

In the middle of the gushing waves, violent words filled the air. "You rapist! Go to hell!" Magee exclaimed.

"How many women have you fucked? You promiscuous asshole! You have no right to teach me a lesson!" Jack retorted.

For quite some time, the two promiscuous men had a big fight and swore at each other.

Magee's capabilities couldn't be underestimated, considering his ability to make friend with Jacob with his mask on. Moreover, he was also good at wrestling. Jack, on the other hand, was on the losing end.

When their fight finally stopped, they found out that Emily had already disappeared. When their eyes met, like two fools, they punched each other without a care.

"Magee, you fool! I'll remember this!" "I'll make sure to let you pay for this", Jack ended, clenching his teeth with anger.

What infuriated him the most was not how he got punched and lost the fight, but the fact that Emily saw all of it—him being a loser. That time, all he wanted was to get even with Magee for humiliating him in front of her. He's now on his blacklist.

Both were lying on the sand. After a while, Magee stood up, picked up his golden frame glasses from the ground and put it on. Then, he wiped off the sand from his clothes and provokingly said, "Well, you are very welcome to see me anytime. Until then, I will welcome you to meet my fist again!"

Hearing this, Jack got irritated and was filled with fury.

However, he had no time to argue with him. At that moment, what only mattered was Emily. He just screwed off Magee, 'Asshole!' When Jack had recovered himself after getting punched, he immediately regretted everything he had done to Emily.

'This time, I'm screwed. She must hate me so much now, ' he thought. With this, he rumbled his hair. He didn't know how to gain her forgiveness.

On the other hand, Magee didn't care about Jack's thoughts. He just turned around and walked away. When he reached a place where nobody was around, he loosened his intensive nerve and sat down on the ground, flinching in pain.

Though he threw Jack lots of punches and almost hit him to death, he got injured during the fight as well. However, he didn't show it to preserve his ego and dignity.

'Shit! It hurts! Jack, you bastard!' Magee complained in his mind.

Suddenly, "Are you alright?" a cold female voice said. Shocked, he looked around to see who it was. It was Emily, well-clothed.

As she was heading near him, he curled his lip and said, "I thought you had left."

"I did, but I went back," Emily replied. As Emily became inches away from him, she reached out her hand to show her favor and sincerely said, "Thank you!"

When Emily went back, she ordered the driver to park the car and wait for her inside, trying to hide what had happened to her. However, it took the driver a while to return as he got stuck in a traffic jam when he drove back from the shop where he bought the scissors.

As she walked back after Jack left, it was then she saw Magee sitting on the ground, looking in pain.

"You're welcome. I just can't stand a bastard like him," Magee peacefully replied.

At the thought of Jack, Emily made no response. She remembered what he did to her. Disgusted, she could even puke at the thought of him. After a few seconds of silence, "That reminds me, why are you here?" she asked.

Magee, looking at her slender and pale hand, held it and got up. He could've stood up himself, but he somehow wanted to hold her hand that moment.

"Of course, it's because of Jacob. For what other reason would I be here?" he replied. "I still have a lot of things to discuss with him, and I don't want my money to be wasted."

Hearing this, Emily paused and said, "He will be back."

"I know," Magee answered casually. Suddenly, there was silence between them.

Emily widened her eyes after hearing his answer. 'How come he's so sure?' she thought.

Instead of answering her with words of comfort like 'I believe' or 'He will', he answered 'I know'. He was sure that Jacob would be back soon.

"Why?" Emily asked out of curiosity. Magee saw the twinkle in her eyes coming back after it turned dark for what Jack had done.

With a meaningful look, he looked at her for a moment and looked away. "Simply because he's Jacob," he replied.

Emily looked at him blankly for a second, took a deep breath and smiled. Her eyes started to shine as she said, "Well, that's true."

After all, he's Jacob. He's one of a kind. He was the king since he was born, and nothing could ever defeat him.

Magee took a glance at her smile with his deep eyes and noticed something.
"What's in your hand?"

Emily pulled out her hand and showed it to him, "A pair of scissors."

At the sight, Magee giggled and said, "Well, if you had gotten back sooner, I might've given you the favor to cut off Jack's thing."

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