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Season 5

Episode 24

(He's leaving)

Stephen continued sharing, "But I was worried. My intention of getting close to her at first was to get back at you. So I'm afraid that Cherry would discover that, and she would be so mad at me that she would never speak to me again." While he spoke, Stephen got emotional, "All this time it upsets me, and leaves me wondering how Cherry will treat me when she learns the truth."

Jackson took in everything Stephen said and after a long silence told him, "Stephen, leave the city. If she isn't aware of this information, then you need to bury them. Forget what has happened and make a fresh start in a new city."

Stephen gave a curt nod, "I planned to leave even if you didn't suggest it. Actually, I have already packed to leave.

I'm flying out in two days. My childhood memories will remain buried here. This time, I wanted to let everything go, and take a long vacation. Maybe..." He paused for a second, "Maybe I won't return, ever."

He paused for a second, "Maybe I won't return, ever."

Jackson stared at Stephen silently thinking. Before meeting with Stephen today, he wouldn't have believed they could sit and have an amicable talk together. He was astonished by Stephen's thought. He never expected that Stephen should give everything up so easily and completely.

Stephen saw the contemplative look in Jackson's eyes and smiled, "What is this? Are you worried about me? Take it easy, and don't fret, I've planned for everything.

So many years have passed, but we all live under that shadow. I know everyone is unhappy. I'll leave, and you should be able to relax a little. Take care of Cherry and teach your son. Joe is brilliant."

Jackson nodded his head and he would keep in mind all things Stephen said. He believed that he should be satisfied that he could talk to Stephen quietly. If that accident hadn't happened, Stephen would be a second Derek to Jackson, instead of turning his back against him.

Stephen thought of something, "What about Sally and Mond?"

Jackson told him, "Don't worry, I'll handle them." To be honest, he'd never treated Mond like a real enemy, and deep down, he didn't think Sally would do anything 'crazy'.

Stephen worried still though, "You need to take extra precautions. I don't worry as much about Mond. I would be worried about what Sally might do though."

Stephen's warning confused Jackson. He was under the impression that Sally was under Mond's orders. Was Stephen implying Sally to act without Mond's permission or knowledge?

Stephen went on, "You and Mond are a very alike, and after Andrew's death, Mond has changed his mind a little. So, you needn't to be too worried. He isn't full of bloodlust as he once was. He won't do anything to bring harm to Cherry or Joe.

But Sally? She's is different. I can't fathom what she might do next. You should know better than anyone how crazy she is."

Jackson nodded, understanding what Stephen meant.

Stephen stood up, and looked at Jackson while he said calmly, "Well, I have said and done what I wanted. I sincerely hope you lead the city's entertainment business forward to a brighter future."

Jackson stood too. Facing Stephen, he reached out to shake his hand and simply said, "Thanks."

Stephen smiled. As he took Jackson's hand shaking it, he replied, "Jackson, I know you have a great friend in Derek, but, one day, if it's possible, I wish you to count me in among your friends, like when we were kids."

Jackson nodded and smiled, "We will be good friends."

Stephen said firmly, "Yes, yes we will! Take good care of Cherry. She's invaluable and will never let you down."

Jackson nodded again.

As Jackson watched Stephen walk away, he was struck suddenly with images of things that happened when he was a little boy.

Back then, the military residential compound was always a busy place during the day. It was even more active in the evenings when kids were outside playing games and having fun. Jackson was standing in the middle, there was a kid to his left, who was Stephen, and another on his right, that was Derek.

Sally and Selina were standing behind the three boys. The five of them were the perfect team and were recognized by everyone at the military residential compound. The five of them were close friends, and the three boys promised they would be there to share in each other's happiness and troubles. They vowed to keep their promise, and the girls, in their innocent, pinky swore to be wed in a double wedding with the other.

The girls swore they'd wear the most beautiful gowns and only accept marriage to a guy they truly, deeply loved. That was when childhood was wonderful, and dreams were simple.

Then, the nightmare began. Everything changed, the sworn brothers were no longer friends, and girls turned on each other. Jackson found one small detail out, unintentionally and he was afraid the love of his life would be destroyed.

All he wanted to do was protect Cherry and he swore he would protect her at any cost.

That was how Jackson was, the arrogant descendant of the Chu Family. He wanted everything in his way and became bossy to make it happen. It was noon when Jackson finally left the cafe. When he got in his car, he called Cherry.

Cherry was ready to go for lunch with Wilson when she heard her phone ringing. She answered it immediately, smiling, when she saw it was Jackson.

Cherry purred, "Jackson! Hi!" Jackson asked, "What are you doing?" Cherry told him, "I'm going to lunch with my brother.

Why? Is something wrong?

Where are you?"

Jackson quickly informed her, "I'll come to you. Do me a favor, book us a private room at the restaurant and wait for me. I'll be there soon."

"Okay." Cherry said before clicking to end the call.

Wilson was curious about what just happened, so he asked, "What is it? Is there anything wrong, Cherry?"

Cherry shook her head, looking at Wilson and said, "No, no. Wilson, Jackson is joining us, and he just wanted to tell me to book a private room and wait for him."
Wilson said, "Okay. Is he headed over now?"

"Yes, he's on his way." Cherry let him know.

Cherry and Wilson were waiting in the private room for a half an hour before Jackson showed up.

Cherry asked, "Why were you headed to the H King Group today?" She observed Jackson, he seemed calm and she didn't know what he was thinking. She knew he must be here for specific reason though.

Jackson glanced at Wilson before focusing on Cherry as he told them, "I just met Stephen."

The news blew Cherry and Wilson away, and they sat there looking at each other.
Wilson asked, "Did he refuse to give you the entertainment place?"

Jackson replied, "No." Then he handed Wilson the documents to look at. Wilson took the documents and carefully studied them.

Wilson was surprised and asked, "He gave all his assets to you?" He hadn't thought Stephen would hand all his assets over.

Jackson looked at Cherry and replied, "Yes, and he didn't ask for any money from me either."

Cherry was puzzled, "So, what does that mean? Are you saying, he gave you all his assets for nothing?"

Jackson shook his head and replied, "Yes, he did, but I'll let Derek transfer a fair amount to him. And I deeply appreciate his generosity."

Cherry said nothing more.

Wilson then asked, "So Jackson, how should we consider utilizing the resources next? What about Mond? Is he causing any problems for us?"

Jackson said, "No. He won't make any trouble for us for the time being. But, I don't know what he is planning to do next." Jackson admitted honestly. He couldn't guess what Mond planned to do next. Stephen's actions today blew him away, so, he wasn't sure what Mond's plans might be.

Wilson proposed, "Then maybe we should plan our next steps. Today's headline is the ZM Group v.s. the JS Group and everyone is focusing on what the JS Group is doing."

Jackson told Wilson in a serious tone, "After you and Cherry finish up at work today, head straight over to the JS Group. Derek and I will be there, too. We can discuss ideas when we are all there together."

"Okay, that sounds good." Wilson agreed.

Jackson looked over at Cherry telling her, "I'll have Bill get Joe this afternoon, so you don't need to worry."

Cherry replied, "Okay. Let's have lunch now."

Jackson nodded.

After lunch, Wilson went to run an errand while Cherry and Jackson headed to the parking lot.

Cherry asked worriedly, "Jackson, is Stephen okay?" Since she read the documents, she'd begun to worry about Stephen. If Stephen gave all his assets to Jackson, then how would he take care of himself?

Jackson stopped, and stared down at Cherry, "Babe, there's no animosity between Stephen and I anymore!"

Cherry had a look of surprise as she stared back at Jackson. She wondered what happened between the two men.

Jackson share what happened with Cherry, "This morning Derek called and told me Stephen would sign over the entertainment assets, but, first he wanted to talk to me in person. So, we met at the coffee shop and he gave me all his assets, and told me he's leaving the city in two days."

Cherry was astonished, "Leaving the city? Where will he go?"

Jackson replied, "Maybe he will go abroad. The city reminds him of things that happened in the past." He didn't know where Stephen would go; he only knew Stephen had decided to leave the city.

Cherry pushed for more details, "But? He has no relatives. Where can he go?"

Cherry was worried. Since acquainted with Stephen, he had been lonely. He had no relatives and very few friends. He handed all his assets over to Jackson. Then where could he go?

Cherry was worried. Since acquainted with Stephen, he had been lonely. He had no relatives and very few friends. He handed all his assets over to Jackson. Then where could he go?

Jackson held her hand and gently said, "Honey, Stephen has planned and taken steps so he is able to do whatever he wants."

Cherry relaxed after listening to Jackson, but she was still concerned. So she asked, "Jackson, what about the problems between the two of you?" ...

She knew there had been problems between Stephen and Jackson. Though she didn't know the reason behind their problems, she believed it was related to their families. She no longer needed to know the exact reasons. After going through so much lately, she wasn't the same naive woman she had been a short time ago, and she had no desire anymore to understand everything that confused her.

Jackson said determinedly, "We're friends now." The look in his eyes told her, he wasn't kidding.

This news astonished Cherry and she questioned, "You two are friends now?"

Jackson replied, "Yes, we are. Maybe, his decision will be good for both of us. The best way to forget past hurts is to let it go of them, and not let them take root in one's heart."

Cherry looked at Jackson calmly as she thought. Maybe, it was a happy ending for Jackson and Stephen.

Cherry asked, "Jackson, may I see Stephen off when he leaves?"

Looking in Cherry's eyes, Jackson nodded in agreement.


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