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Season 5

Episode 19

(Don't run away)

Ragged breaths puffed out from Emily's lips, but she struggled to keep going. When she descended to the height of the second floor, her hands slipped and she fell down!

Fortunately, it wasn't very high. There were only a small bruise and cut on her knees, but they still hurt.

A deep breath escaped Emily's lungs because of the pain, but she wasted no time. She tolerated the throbbing ache in her knee and trudged quietly to the backdoor, her body bent down.

As she continued her descent to the door, she silently resolved to run away from it all.

She was not a fragile canary. She never belonged to anyone.

The area of the backdoor was dark, so when Emily finally got there she could hardly see anything ahead of her. When she got hold of the doorknob and was about to turn it open, she heard footsteps from behind. It seemed that someone followed her.

"Thump, thump, thump…"

Every thud of the nearing footsteps sent her mind into a frenzy. Her heart pounded loudly in her chest and rattled her nerves.

Her eyes squeezed themselves shut and her body felt clammy and cold out of fear. At that moment, she only thought of one thing—she was terribly screwed up.

It was Jacob.

She tried to turn her body around but a pair of strong arms suddenly pulled her in. The strong scent of alcohol assaulted her senses and choked her with its dizzying smell.

"Let go of me!" Emily screamed. Her body used every ounce of strength she had, but she couldn't escape from Jacob's vice-like grip.

His voice spoke in a slightly slurred accent near her ear. "If I come back later, will you get out from here already? Really?" he asked in broken gasps. His arms still wound themselves tightly around her waist. If someone looked closer, his eyes glinted with anger even in the dark.

After a few more moments of struggling, Emily finally broke free. She couldn't stand his intense desire to possess her any longer, and decided to burn the bridges between them. "I'm done! I want to break up with you!" she screamed. No matter who she was and how kind she was, there was no way she'd allow herself to be kept in the same place every day!

Her words seemed to have hit the most sensitive part of Jacob's nerves, as his eyes flickered dangerously. "No. Way!" he said with venomous emphasis on his every syllable.

However, Emily strongly held her ground.

"Do you find it satisfying? I can't see my daughter nor interact with anyone, so that you can finally fulfill your sick desire to possess me. Is that what you want, Jacob? No, You are not my Jacob! You are just someone who is possessing his body!" she shrieked.

The man in front of her became more and more estranged. He wasn't the same man she loved; the Jacob she knew slipped away bit by bit, and she can't even recognize him now.

"Of course I am still me. It's always me. Always," Jacob slurred, a smirk formed on his lips.

He stepped forward and scooped Emily up in his arms. She struggled violently against his clutches, but it was nothing to him. It was like carrying a child in his arms.

Her legs thrashed wildly and her arms repeatedly punched his chest. "Put me down! I don't want to get in! That is a prison!" Emily yelled at him. · As Emily squirmed in his arms, they got closer to the bedroom.

Now, Emily wrestled harder against him. Since he was drunk, he hadn't anticipated her sudden burst of strength. The moment he lost his attention on her, she almost got away and it made him reel in irritation.

However, he got to steady his core in time, and was able to hold Emily tighter so she wouldn't fall down. His one hand snaked behind her round hip and spanked hard. "Pak!"

"Be a good girl!" he scolded her.

Although no one else was around them, Emily still felt so ashamed of being spanked—at her hip no less, that she wanted the ground to swallow her up. In turn, she slapped a heavy hand straight on his handsome face. The hand to cheek contact sounded loud and clear in the empty hall.

Once again, Emily's attacks were like nothing to him. He only paused a little bit before continuing to climb upstairs. When he got to the bedroom, he pushed the door open with his foot and threw her unceremoniously on the bed.

The mattress of the bed was so soft that Emily didn't feel any pain, only a hint of dizziness in her head.

It was a few seconds before Emily fully came back to her senses. When she did, she saw that Jacob had taken off his clothes and sauntered towards her.

"What are you doing?" she panicked. Her heart hammered in a fast staccato beat for what was about to come.

Jacob's lips pressed into a thin, tight line. Melancholy seemed to cloud his eyes. He didn't care about anything else except for Emily's attempt to leave.

Labored pants came out of Emily's lips as she felt suppressed by Jacob's much bigger body. The mattress dipped when she tried to move backward, but Jacob caught her with his legs.

His animistic side slowly surfaced, which was a sign of his remaining drunkenness coming out. He was a bit sober, but he also wasn't. His hands grasped Emily's torso, and ripped her clothes off her body like a savage beast out of control.

"Stop it!" Emily desperately cried out.

She tried to grab the sheets to cover her naked body, but he had immobilized her hands and pinned them on top of her head. Emily's eyes widened and she struggled even more. "What are you doing? Let go of me! I am still pregnant with your child!" she screamed.

That was her last card. She knew him well enough to know that he cared a great deal about their unborn child. With that, there was no way that he would risk the baby's life…

However, she couldn't be more wrong about Jacob this time. She had never felt so distant from him until now. It was like she didn't know him at all anymore.

Compared to the unborn baby, she was surely more important, always.

At this point, Emily's attempts to escape had filled Jacob with so much rage that none of her words reached his mind. Everything he did now was out of angry instinct.

As her clothes came off one by one, Emily bit her bottom lip and swung her foot to kick his crotch!

However, Jacob caught her ankle in time and spotted the bruise on her knee. The small cut on her skin that leaked a tiny droplet of blood looked particularly noticeable even in the dim room.

Emily tried to wrench her foot back, but his hand was like a strong claw that gripped it tightly, so she couldn't move at all.

Her eyes helplessly watched him lower his head to her knee. His lips grazed her skin, then gently kissed her wound.


He stretched back to look at the cut, then dipped his head again and this time, the soft tip of his tongue darted out to lick it gently, like an animal trying to heal its wound. Little by little, his tongue wiped away the remaining traces of blood.

His actions felt ambiguous but gentle at the same time.

Just then, Emily suddenly kicked him squarely on the chest.

"Get away from me!" she yelled.

"No!" Jacob shot back as he loosened the grip that was on her hands, but used them to spread her legs apart, then he bent down on his knees between them.

His body pressed hers down as he looked at her with paranoia-filled eyes. "You are mine!" he declared.

"No! I don't belong to anyone!" Emily spat. But, Jacob still wasn't having any of it as he continued to pin her down.

"You belong to me!"

"Leave me... No..." Emily panted and writhed beneath him.

His anxiety had fully blown up now and filled his body with a fiery desire to possess her. At that moment, his eyes could only see Emily as the woman who wanted to escape from him.

He suddenly moved his own lips over hers and roughly kissed her. He tried to engulf her body in his arms, to dissolve her in his bones and blood so that they could never be separated again. "Don't run away," he choked out.

The temperature in the room only got hotter and hotter.

However, Emily's eyes were only filled with void, and she gradually felt numb. "Jacob, don't let me hate you forever," she threatened him.

Her words appeared to greatly affect him as he accidentally squeezed her delicate waist. The next thing he knew, something flashed in front of his eyes then landed heavily on his head.


His body stiffened in its place. He silently gawked at Emily, who held the lamp tightly in her trembling hands and remained still like a frozen statue.

Despite the blow on his head, it looked like he felt no pain. He wanted to see the expression on her face, but something obscured his eyes. It was blood that leaked from his apparently wounded head that blocked his sight.

By now, his brain was absolutely muddled and he could no longer discern right from wrong. His hand wiped his blood-stained eye, and the other pulled the quilt over Emily's body. Then, he quietly got up from the bed.

Short puffs of air came out of Emily's mouth as she gasped for breath. The lamp was still clutched tightly in her hand, as her eyes waited for him to leave. Her orbs felt rather dry. If she only had other options, she wouldn't have hit him. She really did not want to hurt him in any form.

But she was out of options. There was no other way for her.

He was gone, and he could no longer force her for now. But she did not feel at ease at all.


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