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Season 5

Episode 17

(You are afraid of death too, ain't you?)

In consideration of her fragile physical state, Jacob didn't go for home base, but sated his lust by kissing her aggressively from head to toes. Her face flamed with shame at his brazen act.

"I really want to devour you." His sexy voice echoed in Emily's ears, making her heart beat faster.

But she resisted, she wasn't in a flirting mood. His face met with a slap, which was so gentle that it didn't hurt him at all.

Taking her little hand, he kissed it gently now, "Honey, be good."

"Get away from me!" Ignoring his advances, she closed her eyes, Jacob once again kissed her ravenously, and even bit her lip as punishment for not reciprocating. He gently licked her blood off her lips and said, "Don't annoy me, okay? I'll be back early tonight."

His fingers traced her lips. Then he stood up, smoothing out the creases in his clothes and gently covered her with a quilt. He was ever a man of extreme opposites, the lover and the fiend.

She lay on the bed, staring up at the ceiling expressionlessly. After Jacob left the room, she slowly clenched the soft quilt, unable to express the tidal wave of emotions which engulfed her.


In the low-key and luxurious Maybach, Jacob sat in the back seat, with eyes partly closed, like an elegant cheetah resplendent after an excellent meal. Magee stood outside the car, looking curiously at him. He thought, 'Jacob's character continues to become more subtle and unpredictable.'

"Get in." He said, casting a glance at him.

Smiling awkwardly, Magee assumed a seat in the car. He casually asked, "I haven't seen Emily lately."

Just then he felt the atmosphere in the car turn frosty.

"Concerned about her?"

The tension in the space continued to mount oppressively. It was becoming difficult to breathe, but he cautiously maintained his composed face.

"Just asking, forget it if you don't feel like talking about it."

After all, he didn't want to face hostilities from Jacob.

The man was staring at him with a cold serpentine look, and he felt very much like he had become its prey, Magee's blood ran cold at this thought.

He had never experienced such a feeling before.

Jacob... was behaving abnormally.

The vehicle stopped outside a private hospital, and they both exited the car. Leading the way to the entrance, Jacob said coldly, "I did what you asked for."

Magee was still musing on his predatory qualities and didn't immediately understand what was meant, "What?"

Jacob darted a frowning look at him, "You wanted to confirm whether Mr. Gu was dead or not, didn't you?"

He finally understood why they were here. They were going to see Mr.Gu who clearly was a patient in this hospital. Suddenly elevated by anticipation at seeing the old bastard suffering, he answered eagerly, "Sure, let's go!"

Mr. Gu was accommodated in the most spacious and luxurious ward, with a top medical team trying to stave off death with all their immense skill. But despite the miracles of modern medicine, there was no cure for old age.

Outside the ward, they were stopped by bodyguards in black. Jacob signaled curtly, then several men appeared from adjoining doorways and subdued Mr. Gu's bodyguards.

Magee's eyes lit up. He stepped into the room, and rejoiced at seeing Mr. Gu, now a weak elderly man, lying in the bed.

"Dear Jim."

Mr. Gu didn't even look at him, as if he was just an indifferent passer-by.

Enraged, and in the blink of an eye, Magee was next to the bed, hands tightly squeezing the skinny neck.

"Do you remember me?"He demanded through grit teeth. His stern face was now a mask of unholy excitement. He was ready and eager to kill the old man where he lay, "I can understand that you probably don't even recall me. After all, you've committed so many crimes in your life, it's only natural that you'd forget a few."

The ancient was slowly being strangled. His eyes gaped wide open, and his face was turning purple. "Who ... are ... you?"

He gasped between weakly sucking in air past the constricting fingers.

"Crystal, do you remember her?" Magee asked then.

Although Mr. Gu had countless girlfriends in his life, this name still remained fresh in his memory. Crystal, a woman he claimed through coercion, the only woman who would rather die than stay with him.

She never gave her love to him, even after she became his woman.

"Crystal is your ..." He was staring at Magee and had guessed his relation to Crystal.

"Crystal was my mother," Magee grated, shaking with rage. He had never forgiven Mr. Gu for what he done to his mother. 'My mother would still be alive, if he hadn't pushed her, ' he thought, 'and I would have had a happy and complete family, if not for this old bastard!

But now all I have left is profound hatred for him.

I can finally avenge my mother and strangle him to death, right here. All I need to do is press harder on his feeble throat.'

"Magee, stop!" Jacob's cold voice echoed after a moment.

But he was beyond stopping though, he had momentarily lost his mind, and couldn't hear anything. He only wanted to kill his foe. A fire tortured heart was in control now.

'Kill him, ' he thought, 'Kill him right now, for my poor mother.'

Suddenly, a black gun cracked on his wrist. Pained, he loosened his grip on Mr. Gu.

The infirm man recovered his breath. Like a dying fish he gulped for air, "Help, help me ..." he attempted to call for rescue.

He was no longer the hale and powerful leader of the Gu clan, but rather a dying, decrepit old man on the verge of senility. He had one foot in the grave already. All that was needed was a small push.

Don't rush." Jacob coldly regarded Magee, "You cannot take back what you lost, even by killing him. He doesn't deserve such an easy way out," he said with a trace of contempt in his voice. He didn't approve of Magee's loss of control, it showed a weak side to his personality, and he despised weakness.

Mr. Gu finally got his breath back. "You won't leave here alive, if you kill me," he said desperately.

"You are afraid of death too, aren't you?" Jacob sneered. His face darkened then and he said icily, "When you killed my parents, you should have known that one day you would pay the price for your crime.

"So you've known the truth all the time, haven't you?" Mr. Gu calmed down at that moment, "You have forgotten who brought you up, you ungrateful bastard!"
"You are the ungrateful bastard. You forgot my parents' gratitude!" Jacob responded with rage.

He would never have had a chance to develop his empire in Jingshi City, if not for Jacob's parents' help. But he bit the hands that fed him. He killed Jacob's parents for their assets, and adopted Jacob for fame and status, but he only ever thought of Jacob as a tool for earning money.

There was deep hatred between them.
"Don't worry. I will not let him kill you right now. Actually, I have prepared a surprise for you. Hope you enjoy it." Jacob said.


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