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Season 5

Episode 15

(Behave well)

The doctor carefully began to explain, "The anesthetic I've administered will mark its effects for several hours, but she is going to be fine. Also... Ahhh!"

Before he could even finish his sentence, Jacob had administered a painful medicinal kick of his own. The doctor shrieked and fell down in pain, as he held his leg with cold sweat running down his temples.

The sudden hit he received frightened everyone in the operating room and they took the doctor out of the room immediately. To be honest, they were scared for their own safety right now more so than the doctor's health anyway.

And what Jacob did stunned Sam as well and he started wondering what was going on.

'Mr. Jacob seems to be in a very bad mood today!' He thought to himself and when he saw the cold look in Jacob's eyes, he too agreed that the best decision right now was to leave this room while one still could do so.

Otherwise, there was no knowing what would happen to him/her.

Jacob held Emily up in his arms but the coldness in his eyes didn't reduce a single bit. Without a glance at Sam he ordered, "You stay here and deal with things."

"Yes, sir." Sam respectfully answered. He had lowered his head and was too afraid to meet Jacob's gaze.

Clearly, what Jacob needed him to deal with, was the doctor's dilapidated leg. Money is power, for sure, but it was hard to say the same about the doctor's broken leg now.

Most probably, he was going to lose it completely.

Jacob had deemed it his punishment for agreeing to carry out the abortion. True, it wasn't his fault, but nobody said anything about the world being fair!


When Emily woke up, it was raining outside, and the dark clouds seemed to have sucked the light out of the room.

Engulfed in darkness, the entire room seemed to be filled with an air of depression.

"Water..." She had woken up thirsty. When she tried to get up on her own, a large hand helped her up and gave her a glass of warm water, helping it all the way to her mouth.

She subconsciously drank the water and slowly, her mind came to its senses.

The only thing she remembered from before the abortion was that she had been lying on the table when someone had suddenly yelled, "Stop!"

'What about my baby? Did they have the abortion for me?' Emily wondered. Emily subconsciously reached out a hand to her belly, and before she reached it, the same big hand as before grabbed it tightly and laid it on her belly by force.

She then heard the cold, deep voice of a man, "They didn't finish the abortion. Does that disappoint you?"

Emily's heart skipped a beat when she heard the familiar, cruel voice. She could not see the expressions on her roommate's face in the darkness, so she reached out her free hand to turn on the light.

The light showed Jacob staring at her quietly with a sinister smile, which, in her opinion, was horrible. Emily bit her lips and tried to speak, "Jacob, I can explain this. Listen..."

It had been her fault for making such a wrong decision.

But she had regretted it the moment she had lied down on the operating table.

She wanted to tell Jacob that she wanted this baby as well now and knowing that the baby was about to die on the operating table made her feel hurt.

Her decision had been rash and extreme and she regretted it.

But Jacob showed no interest in her explanation. He put his index finger on her pale lips and whispered, "Shh."

"Don't say anything. Or I'm afraid I am going to lose control and strangle you." Emily widened her eyes the moment he finished his words. She was looking at the man sitting before her in bewilderment and had even begun to doubt his true identity, thinking that it might be a fake Jacob in front of her.

"What did you say?" She asked in horror. Jacob would have never talked like this to her. Was he out of his mind because of his anger?

"Behave well," Jacob murmured with a dangerous lust in his tone, like a beast who had temporarily retracted his claws. He continued, "Behave well, then I will be nice to you."

Emily did not know how to respond to this sentence. The man in front of her now was an unknown and bizarre stranger to him.

"Jacob, what... what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing's wrong with me," Jacob answered, as his fingers slowly stroked her lips. He slightly squinted his eyes and continued, "Get a good night's rest now. Nothing else should be a part of your concerns right now."

This baby was important to him.

If they could have this child, they could witness its birth and see him or her growing up joyfully, which would make their connection stronger and closer. They could grow closer.

He was not going to let her run away from him the way she had done five years ago. He wanted to have everything under control this time. Suddenly, it seemed as if he had begun to let go of his inner strength and possessiveness.

The dangerous beast in his heart was slowly sticking out its paws.

'Nothing wrong with you?' Emily doubted that sincerely but did not dare say anything.

She clenched her lips and then tried to explain, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come to the hospital. But I regretted it the moment I laid down on the operating table."

She could not explain her own thoughts recently. Why had she become more and more extreme these days? It was not like her.

"You regretted it? So what?" Jacob sneered all of a sudden, and with coldness filled in his eyes, he remarked, "If I had arrived there even a second late, our child would have been dead."

She already knew this but it still stabbed her heart to hear him say it. That's why she was happy now like she had regained a lost treasure. She would have done anything to protect this child even before Jacob had reminded her about the consequences of her decision.

She wanted to give Beryl all her love before. But now she realized how ridiculous and extreme her thought was. Both of them were her own dear children.

Why did she have to sacrifice this baby in her belly for Beryl?

It was not fair.

Fortunately, Jacob had arrived in time. Nothing irreversible had happened. Otherwise, she would never have forgiven herself for her entire life.

"It's all my fault," Emily confessed and continued, "I will give birth to this baby."

"You do that, but I don't trust you anymore." There was a hint of disappointment in his eyes, but the darkness covered his eyes once again almost a millisecond after that, "Also, you aren't going to get any opportunity to kill our baby now."

His last sentence stung Emily once more. The guilt and shame she felt was too overwhelming and she couldn't respond now. She was the mother of this child, but she had tried to kill him. That could not be justified.

It was her fault. She had to make up for her mistake in the future.

Emily took a deep breath. And something suddenly occurred to her, and she asked, "Where's Beryl? Where is she now? Is she okay?"

Emily now was in Jacob's villa. She thought that he would have brought Beryl here as well. But she didn't see Beryl by her side so she popped the question.

Jacob calmly answered, "I took her to a psychiatrist."

Emily frowned and asked, "Which psychiatrist?"

"Professor Horry of children's psychology in M country."

"You took her to M country?"

"No. I asked Horry to come to Z country."
Emily was relieved and requested, "I want to see Beryl."

"No." Jacob was still being patient and he responded calmly, "Horry said that it would be better if her biological parents did not try to contact her during the course of the treatment."

"That does not make any sense," Emily disagreed. "None of us know about this professor. How can I trust him? I need to see my Beryl."

"Horry is an internationally acclaimed professor of children's psychology. He is reliable both in his personality, and his medical skills. Besides, I have sent my subordinates to look after Beryl. She is completely safe right now. And how can you know whether she even wants to see you now?"


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