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Season 5

Episode 11

(What A terrible life)

The ruckus in the bedroom had finally died down, and the room was quiet. After Beryl had fallen asleep, Jacob pulled Emily aside. "Emily, I know you see Beryl's behaviors too. She's not getting better. In fact, she's getting worse," Jacob whispered to her in a serious voice.

However, Emily shook her head in disagreement. "She already knew she did something wrong. She just can't control herself, but it's better than before," she explained.

"But she didn't have an intention to hurt you before, now she does," Jacob said and tried to reason with her.

At his words, Emily was stunned as she didn't know how to refute that.

"Emily, we have to send her to a psychiatrist," Jacob said in a firm, but gentle tone as he looked straight into her eyes. "She's in an urgent situation. We can't put it off any longer," he added. Yet, Emily's eyes glanced sideways, still unconvinced by Jacob's words.

Finally, she looked up at him and said, "But the only thing those psychologists will do is to make her recall those horrible memories over and over again. I don't want to..."

"Emily!" She didn't get to finish her sentence when Jacob cut her off. "Don't you see some of Tina's horrible personalities on Beryl now? She is becoming more and more like that evil woman!" he exclaimed.

However, it seemed that Emily didn't want to believe him. "Don't equate my Beryl with that woman!" she bellowed back. Anger exploded inside her with the mention of Tina, and she yelled again, "Shut up! I don't want to listen to you now!"

"Emily! Please wake up and be more reasonable!" Jacob hissed in a low voice. He didn't want to wake his sleeping daughter with their arguments, but he had to make Emily see his reason. Jacob lowered his voice, in case of waking his sleeping daughter up by noise, and urged, "She need a mental treatment. You can't stop her from getting better."

"I'm her mother. I know what she need. She is the person I love most in my life! I won't hurt her at all." She turned around to walk into Beryl's room again. It was obvious that she was going to take Beryl into her own bedroom.

Jacob quickly stopped her. "Emily, you can't do that. To be honest, I don't want to quarrel with you, but I will do everything to stop you from staying with Beryl," he said firmly.

"Do you think I want to quarrel with you? No, Jacob. I just worry about my daughter!"

"Okay, I see." Jacob finally compromised and took a step back, as he said, "I respect your thoughts, but from now on, Beryl must sleep with me until she doesn't have an intention of hurting anybody."

Emily originally thought that Jacob only meant one night or two nights, but she didn't expect that he intended to sleep with Beryl every night in the future before she recovered. Emily didn't agree at once. Beryl was in a bad situation, and what she most needed was mother's love and care. How could she stay away from her for fear that Beryl would hurt her?

She was pulled away from her thoughts when Jacob spoke again. "These years, I even didn't know Beryl that much and never accompanied her. It's my biggest regret. So, Emily, can you give me a chance to stay alone with my daughter? As her father, I really want to accompany her in such a difficult time like this," he finished.

His words did shake Emily's firm resolve, though Jacob didn't force Emily to give a clear answer. After a while, Emily sighed and acquiesced.

"Alright. I can at least stay with Beryl tonight, right?"

"Okay," Emily said and nodded.

"Now go back to your bedroom and rest. Just think about my words carefully and give me an answer tomorrow."

After Jacob's last words for the night, the two of them went back to their rooms. It was already midnight. Still, Emily couldn't fall asleep even if she tried to. She laid on her bed, but tossed and turned relentlessly. It looked like she would have another sleepless night.

As she struggled to rest, Jacob's words kept ringing in her mind.

"Emily! Didn't you see some Tina's horrible personalities on Beryl now?" His voice repeated itself in her head.

Even if Emily didn't want to admit it, she knew that Jacob was telling the truth. Tina had deeply influenced Beryl, her personality like an inescapable fishing net capturing the small fishes in its thrall.

"Tina..." Emily murmured, her voice laced with hatred. At that moment, she wanted nothing more than to catch that vile woman and hack her body into pieces.

If that was Tina's revenge on her, she had to say that it really worked.

Perhaps even worked a little too much.


The next day, in Jacob's office.

The morning sun dripped through heavy curtains and filled the expansive office with natural light. "Mark will come out of the police station soon. All the people of the Tao clan won't sit idly," Magee said from the sofa where he casually sat. "But this time, they really have suffered a great loss," he continued.

Across him, Jacob sat on his swivel chair. He tapped his index finger on the dark hardwood of his desk in thought, and said, "Oh, I want more than that."

"Anyway, is Jim seriously ill?" Magee asked with a more piqued interest. It was the thing he was most concerned about.

Jacob picked up his cup of hot coffee and took a tentative sip. "He won't live long anyway," he answered simply.

However, Magee only raised his brows slightly at his response. "Your nephew always opposes you. Is it possible that he would have cooperated with Mark?"

"Even if he did that, I will never give him a chance to run his plan into the ground," Jacob said confidently.

Now, Magee couldn't help but laugh at Jacob's bravado. "Under your management, the Gu Consortium had developed well. Although you are very influential now like the sun in sky, the affairs of the world are inconsistent and ever-changing, and perhaps the night will come soon. By then, how can you be sure that you will still hold power? In that case, I need to ensure my own interests now," Magee said in a teasing tone.

The smallest hint of a cold smile flitted through the corners of Jacob's lips, but disappeared at once. "Do you think I'm such a stupid person that will hand over my property on a silver platter to others?" he sneered.

For someone like him, he would of course, never do such a silly thing.

The room remained silent for a while. The two men looked at each other and both saw the sharpness in both of their eyes. At this moment, they were friends.

In the next moment, maybe they would be enemies. All the hustle and bustle people did in the world were simply done for their own personal benefits.

Sometimes, it put enemies together, and in other times it separated the best of friends.

When Magee left the Gu Consortium, Jacob's last words were still etched clearly on his mind: "I owe you a favor and I will keep my words. If you want to meet that bitch, I can make arrangements for you."

Of course, Magee knew what he truly meant. Jacob allowed him to see Leona, but not take her away. Otherwise, a new war would break out among them.

With that thought in mind, he answered—

"Don't you think it's foolish to waste your favor on such a low woman? I'm not an idiot, Jacob. Remember you still owe me a favor and I will ask for it in the future."

While it was true that Magee just wanted to see how Leona would meet her end, it wasn't worth the big favor that Jacob offered him. He was a businessman, and he knew how to make the best out of his advantages.

There were so many women in the world, and Leona was just one of them. He wouldn't give up the whole forest because of a single tree.

In his opinion, he likened Leona to a rat in the mud. She just happened to bump into him and contaminated him in the process. Now, he had made up his mind to stay away from her.

Later that night, Magee found himself in a club with a woman he met at the bar counter. She was blessed with a beautiful face and a lovely figure. After a couple more drinks, he brought her to a five-star hotel and slept with her.

With Leona out of the picture, he went on a carefree spree and still treated life as if it was like playing games.

Meanwhile, an almost inaudible ululating sound came from a certain dark and humid prison cell. Leona lay still on the dirty ground. Her face was thin and waxy, and her hair was dry and sparse. She had developed rashes of psoriasis all over her body from having AIDS. The itchiness were too much for her to bear, so she scratched her skin and made the wounds discharge pus. She looked positively nauseous now.

After some minutes passed, a scratching sound was heard from the corner of the prison cell. A mouse climbed out of a small crack in the concrete, and looked around for food. When it found none, it bit Leona's finger as if it was angry.

However, Leona did not have the strength to move. She watched helplessly as her fingers were slowly gnawed away by rats with open eyes. A weak moan of pain tumbled from her dry mouth.

It was not until dawn that someone came in and rescued her. It was hard for her to die. She was tortured day after day and suffered a living death. Moreover, it seemed that the abuse was endless.

Who could save her and help her get rid of this miserable life?

"Magee..." Leona whispered. In the middle of her bodily pains, she suddenly remembered that this man had rescued her five years ago. It was like he was a god who descended upon the earth to save her—but now, her god was dead in her memory, and would never save her again.

Yes, he was still alive and thriving outside, but her god was dead.

Yes, she was alive still lingered on the last vestiges of her life, but her heart was dead.

At this point, Leona was overwhelmed with hatred. She didn't want to die in such a dirty place, but she never had a chance to escape.

What a terrible life she had!
After she was dead, no one would remember her name—Leona.

At one time, her name had been Rose—"The?black?rose?shines like a?pearl with?silent?dignity, as?if?it's waiting for?someone?to?pick?it?up." A man's voice rang in her ears, but she knew that no one would pick her up.

Ever since Beryl had stopped sleeping beside Emily, she ceased doing things that had hurt people beside her. It was also due to the fact that Jacob kept a watchful eye on her and prevented her from doing that. He looked at the peaceful face of his sleeping daughter on the bed. He had thought about when to invite a child psychologist to his house for Beryl's psychotherapy session. It was high time that she needed professional help to improve her condition.


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