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Season 12

Episode 41

(Showing B*tch Song Who’s the Boss (2)

“Maybe… We might meet again soon.” Smiling, Huo Mian turned and walked away.

“Huo Lingling, this is for you.” A boy handed her a slip of paper before leaving.

“Huo Lingling, what’s your WeChat? I want to add you,” an outgoing-looking boy shyly asked.

“I… I don’t have WeChat, I don’t use it,” Huo Mian guiltily lied again.

“Huo Lingling, what’s your cell phone number?” another boy walked up to her, stuck out his tongue, and playfully asked.


Huo Mian was thinking about how to answer, since it was reasonable for her to not have WeChat. However, everyone would know she was lying if she said she didn’t have a phone number.

At that moment, her savior arrived…

“Huo… Lingling.” Zhu Lingling waved to her from a distance and almost revealed her name.

Upon hearing Zhu Lingling call her, Huo Mian immediately ran over to her.

“How were things today?” Huo Mian asked.

“It was great, but some of my male classmates kept on saying that my boobs don’t look like that of a high school student. I told them that I am a very well-developed high schooler.”


Huo Mian bent over laughing…

“What about you? How was your day?”

“Great, I did lots of papers and got to know some classmates. These kids are so pure and innocent, I feel bad lying to them.” Huo Mian munched on a carrot while walking.

“Heh, a carrot… Qin Chu must’ve gotten it for you, right?”

“How did you know?” Huo Mian looked at Zhu Lingling like she was a fortune teller.

“He’s the only one who would spoil you like this…”

Huo Mian smiled upon hearing what Zhu Lingling said…

Indeed, she might not be able to find another man who loved her as much as Qin Chu did.

Likewise, no other woman in this world loved Qin Chu more than her.

Their love for each other was equally deep into the bone marrow…

Linking arms, the two walked far out of the school…

They wanted to avoid being seen by students and leaking their true identity.

So, Qin Chu sent their rendezvous point to their group in WeChat.

Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling found the Mercedes Benz RV that belonged to GK after walking through an alleyway.

When they opened the door to go in, they saw that Gao Ran and Qin Chu were already there.

They were drinking red wine and chatting casually.

“Welcome back, pretty ladies.” Gao Ran smiled.

“Bullcrap… Why didn’t you come to check on me today? Did the high school girls charm you?” Displeased, Zhu Lingling began lecturing Gao Ran as soon as she got onto the car.

“God, I was playing basketball all afternoon… As for you, I saw you surrounded by boys even from far away, and you were purposefully sticking your chest out… What were you trying to do?” Gao Ran mocked her right back.

Huo Mian was different. She sat right next to Qin Chu after she got onto the car.

Then, Qin Chu held up his glass of red wine and put it next to her mouth…

“Honey, you must be tired…” Qin Chu lovingly said.

Huo Mian sipped red wine as she leaned on Qin Chu’s shoulder…

“My god… Look at them and look at us.” Gao Ran thought that the mood was off.

He and Zhu Lingling always argued or fought when they were with each other.

As for Qin Chu and Huo Mian, they were always cheesy, as if he was her Romeo and she was his Juliet.

Why was their couple image so different…

“Stop changing the subject, tell me what happened between you and that tall girl from class nine today?”

“I swear… nothing happened,” Gao Ran held his head and tried his best to explain.

“You guys, stop fooling around… Let’s go eat first, I’m starving…” smiling, Huo Mian reminded them.

“Yay, what food is Mr. Qin going to treat us to today?”

“He’s super rich, so let’s eat whatever we want… What about a seafood feast?” Smiling, Gao Ran looked at them.

Qin Chu smiled but didn’t say anything other than to the chauffeur. “Let’s go.”

Bored, Huo Mian looked out the window and suddenly remembered that someone gave her a slip of paper right before she left.

So, she took it out of her book and opened it in front of everyone.

Qin Chu glared at the words on the paper and slowly read it out for her, “Can you be my girlfriend?”

Huo Mian felt the awkwardness brewing in the air and she immediately crumpled up the piece of paper before throwing it out of the window…

Then, she held her forehead with her right hand…

“So, Mrs. Qin, would you like to provide an explanation as to what just happened?” Qin Chu lowered his head and whispered in her ear.


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