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Season 12

Episode 47

(Showing B*tch Song Who’s the Boss (8)

“Mhm, where is my mom?”

“Erm, Auntie went out to see her friend.”

“Oh.” Huo Mian nodded.

“So… is there any food at home?” Huo Mian had been busy all morning at school and was quite hungry.

“There… is no food at home. I can order some delivery for you, I have their number,” Yang Xiuping said as she grabbed a restaurant’s business card.

“It’s okay. I will get going now…” Huo Mian didn’t like to order delivery. She preferred homemade food when she had time.

Certainly, mom’s food had always been her favorite since she was little.

But Yang Xiuping was so on top of things. She even knew how to order delivery.

Didn’t her mom say that she was a good homemaker and had stellar cooking skills?

“Cousin… you came alone?” Yang Xiuping followed Huo Mian out.


“Is my brother-in-law… busy? I bet his company is really pretty, I would sure like to go see it some time,” Yang Xiuping mumbled.

“Yeah, he’s pretty busy.”

Huo Mian left home without anything else.

She felt it was quite interesting that Yang Xiuping asked about Qin Chu whenever she saw her.

Yang Xiuping was a young lady with big ambitions…

She directly got her eyes on Qin Chu…

Huo Mian chuckled but didn’t say anything.

Then, she hailed a cab and pulled out WeChat after getting in. “Xiaowei, are you there?”

“Sir, just keep driving. I’ll let you know where I’m going in a second” Huo Mian told the driver, who nodded. “Sounds good.”

Jiang Xiaowei responded immediately, “Yes, I am.”

“Are you at home or…?”

“Home. I’m so bored… are you coming to see me?” Jiang Xiaowei asked, full of anticipation.

“Yup, I’m going over to visit you. Will you feed me? I’m starving. I didn’t have lunch yet,” Huo Mian chuckled.

“Really?!” Jiang Xiaowei was thrilled.


“Hurry, you’re more than welcome… I’ll ask the kitchen to prepare some yummy food for you, ha.”

Jiang Xiaowei was really excited to hear that Huo Mian was coming to her house.

She had been bored ever since her maternity leave…

Huo Mian’s cab arrived at Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao’s manor district.

Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao lived in a well-known wealthy area in C City. The Wei Family had always been rich.

Whether it was the interior finish, geographical location, or the floor plan, they were all the best.

She heard that Xiaowei’s old white Lexus was upgraded…

Although it was still a Lexus, it was upgraded from a four-hundred thousand yuan car to an over two million yuan car.

The richest of the rich…

When Huo Mian arrived, she brought Xiaowei lots of expensive fruits.

She was strong, holding one fruit basket in each hand.

“Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? Are you Hercules? Plus, fruit baskets are so corny…” said Jiang Xiaowei

“They are for you. Take them and shut up.”

Huo Mian placed the heavy baskets onto Jiang Xiaowei’s coffee table in the living room like a boss.

Then, she followed Jiang Xiaoping into the dining room…

It was such a big dining room. They were the only two there, but there were eight dishes of both meat and veggie dishes. They looked very tempting…

“I’ll give you thirty-two likes. You’re so efficient.” Huo Mian gave her a big thumbs up.

“The maid made them, not me, but I’m sure they taste good. Hurry up and have some.”

Then the two of them continued chatting while eating…

“Is your Wei Liao still really busy?”

“Busy my ass. He has been chilling every day and is off work at 3 in the afternoon, earlier than an elementary school kid,” Jiang Xiaowei complained while Huo Mian chuckled nonstop…

When Jiang Xiaowei started being funny, her humor level could compete with that of Zhu Lingling.

Huo Mian felt that her life had a lot more laughter with these two friends in it.

“Have you seen Su Yu lately?” Jiang Xiaowei asked suddenly.

“No, why?”


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