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Season 12

Episode 42

(Showing B*tch Song Who’s the Boss (3)

“Ha… Maybe it’s for someone else and I took it by accident…” Huo Mian immediately explained.

“Our girl’s definitely very attractive. She’s not stunning but she’s smart and a straight-A student… those people are rare to come by.” Zhu Lingling held onto Huo Mian’s hand and smiled.

The four of them soon arrived at a high-class restaurant in downtown and ordered a family seafood combo.

Huo Mian suddenly remembered something when she was talking to Qin Chu.

“Honey, how much did you donate to our school?”

“Thirty million yuan to improve the hardware, and to build a library, computer lab, and chemistry lab.”

“Oh…” Huo Mian nodded, deep in thought.

“What’s wrong?” seeing that Huo Mian had something on her mind, Qin Chu gently asked.

“I saw a boy in my class who’s really smart. He went to a middle school in a village, but Second High made an exception and accepted him because of his high grades. They sponsored a part of his tuition and textbook fees, but, his family isn’t well off. His school supplies aren’t good and he’s not eating well. I feel bad for him.”

Qin Chu immediately understood what she meant after she finished speaking…

“Then I’ll donate twenty more million dollars to sponsor the kids in need at Second High. I’ll improve their quality of life by giving them better food and supplies.”

Huo Mian nodded. Then, she added, “However, we have to watch the money closely to prevent people from the school from taking it, leaving very little to the students, or not giving the money to those who need it the most. You should ask someone from GK to be in charge of that.”

“Mhm.” Qin Chu nodded.

Huo Mian really liked smart and hardworking kids.

She really hoped that with their help, they could give more kids with good work ethics and ambition a brighter tomorrow.

She didn’t want their futures to be hindered just because they didn’t have money…

The four of them left after dinner…

Surprisingly, they saw Song Yishi with her friends by the doors of the restaurant.

She seemed to have drunk wine, as her face was blushed…

She was driving her white Audi Q5; technically, with her family’s financial powers, she could afford to drive a million-yuan sports car.

However, her father worked for the government, so she had to lay low.

After Qin Chu and Huo Mian moved away, she also sold her house at Imperial Park.

Now that Mrs. Qin no longer paid attention to her, she had no more chances to approach Qin Chu.

So, she spent the last few days having fun and drinking with her so-called best friends.

They hung out at the bar for quite a while before coming to this seafood restaurant, and they were all a little tipsy.

Someone suggested seafood, so they drove here under influence…

She didn’t think that she would see Qin Chu and Huo Mian here, so her expression was a little complicated.

Qin Chu didn’t plan to greet her, he put his arm around Huo Mian’s shoulder and walked out.

However, Song Yishi suddenly called out to her, “Huo Mian…”

“Miss Song, can I help you?” Huo Mian turned around and smiled.

“I heard that you are a genius…” Song Yishi was a little drunk and more arrogant than usual.

Huo Mian was speechless…

She didn’t know how to answer Song Yishi.

If she said ‘yes’, she would seem pretentious.

If she said ‘no’, she would be lying.

“Mian is a genius, so?” Zhu Lingling glared at Song Yishi and answered for Huo Mian.

“Haha… then are you brave enough to compete with me?” Song Yishi laughed.

“Is that really necessary…” Huo Mian calmly looked at Song Yishi.

Why did she have to compete to prove that she was a genius, that life would be so tiring…

“If you want to be a genius, go ahead. I agree that you’re the smartest, nobody else is smarter than you are,” Huo Mian slowly but surely said those words…

However, what she said angered Song Yishi.

“So, are you scared? Maybe you’re a fake… A genius manufactured from lies. You don’t want to compete with me because you’re scared, right? Haha,” Song Yishi sneered.

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