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Season 12

Episode 39

(A Battle of Geniuses (10)

One of the tactics that high school teachers used to force students to study harder was to announce test results. This way, everyone in the class would know each other’s test score.

“Zhang Xiaoxia, 92,” the teacher passed the test paper to a girl sitting in the front row, who dropped her gaze as she took the test.

“Wang Mian 96.”

“Li Mengxi, 91.”

“Wang Ziyao, 95.”

“He Xin, 96,” the teacher called the students one by one. Huo Mian couldn’t help but feel very impressed by these students. It was indeed a gifted class, but for everyone to score above 90 on that difficult math test was still very impressive.

By the end of it, the teacher had two test results left in her hand.

Other than Huo Mian’s test result, there was also another student’s test result that had not yet been distributed,

“Du Hongguang, 100.” As soon as the teacher finished speaking, the whole class began applauding.

A good-looking boy with slightly long hair walked up to the front of the class and took his test result back without saying a word. Everyone’s eyes followed him admiringly as they all knew how extremely difficult it was to score a hundred percent on that test.

The teacher then glanced at Huo Mian and continued, “Huo Lingling,”

The class decibel went from a hundred to zero in a heartbeat as everyone waited silently to hear the new student’s score. The girls were waiting for their chance to ridicule the outsider while the boys waited anticipatedly, wondering what the new girl’s grades were like. After all, within the school courtyard, there were only two things that one could capitalize on, your looks and your grades.

“Huo Lingling, 100.”

Huo Mian walked up to the front of the class with no surprise on her face and took the test result back.

The silence within the class lasted for a while longer as everyone was stunned by what they all just heard.

“How’s that even possible? There must be a mistake!”

“Maybe our teacher was going easy on her?”

“Maybe she copied off Du Hongguang’s test!”

“That’s impossible, they don’t even sit close to each other, how could she possibly copy him?”

Everyone added their remarks and comments as Huo Mian walked back to her seat calmly with her test results in hand.

“Good job!” The chubby boy sitting beside Huo Mian gave her a thumbs up.

Huo Mian had never done any of the questions before, but it wasn’t difficult for her. The fact that she had chosen medicine meant that her science and math grades were good, so it wasn’t surprising for her to get a hundred percent.

“The questions on this exam are already difficult enough. It’s actually already outside of the curriculum, especially the last question. However, two students still scored a hundred percent! Let’s give Du Hongguang and Huo Lingling a round of applause!” As soon as the teacher finished, the entire class broke into loud applause once again.

After math class was over, the chubby boy moved closer to Huo Mian and asked, “Are you really a student of Xin Hua High?”

“Yes.” Huo Mian nodded guiltily.

“I didn’t know Xin Hua students were this smart! Our high school has the best math curriculum in C city. As you can see, Du Hongguang from our class is extremely smart, he’s almost inhuman! I thought no one could compete with him, but here you are! It’s a shame for you to attend Xin Hua. Since you’re on exchange, you can probably tell that everything about our school, including the environment and the teachers, is one of the best. Maybe you should just transfer over, don’t go back there!” The chubby boy convinced Huo Mian excitedly. Huo Mian seemed to have left a favorable impression on him.

Huo Mian only smiled and didn’t say anything.

She then glanced over at the boy who had also scored a hundred on the test. It was recess time, and everyone else was out playing while he continued to study.

“Is he always like that?” Huo Mian asked curiously.

“Yeah, his family’s not that rich. He went to a junior high school back in his village, but he was invited to enroll in our school for free because his grades were really good. I heard that his family is very poor, and he has several siblings. He doesn’t get a lot of allowance, so he rarely even eats meat. He eats Bok Choy and potatoes every day,” the chubby boy kept blabbering.

Huo Mian contemplated for a moment. She felt bad for the boy.

Suddenly, the hallway became very noisy. A lot of the girls had gathered around the doorway.

Qin Chu stood at the entrance, “Can you please get Huo… Lingling from your class for me?” Qin Chu asked a girl calmly. He had almost forgotten Huo Mian had changed her name.


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