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Season 11

Episode 36

(Flaunting Their Love (7)

“Oh…” Su Yu’s reaction was tame.

It was because he knew that no matter what Huo Mian hosted, it had nothing to do with him and she would never invite him.

“So… she really didn’t invite you?”

“No,” Su Yu replied.

“Huo Mian is kinda heartless, no? Who looked for a military doctor when her husband was in the hospital? Who went without sleep for three days, running around the hospital? Now that they’re healed and the incident’s passed, she’s forgotten all about you?”

As one of Su Yu’s best friends, he always felt that Huo Mian was heartless for not reciprocating Su Yu’s feelings.

Even if they couldn’t be lovers, they could still be friends. At the very least, she had to thank Su Yu.

However, Huo Mian didn’t do anything. It made him feel like Su Yu should be avenged.

“I was happy to do those things, they don’t have anything to do with her. Don’t put the blame on her.”

Su Yu was still defending Huo Mian…

“Yu, I don’t understand why you’re so obsessed over this woman.”

“I don’t understand either.” Su Yu bitterly smiled.

“Damn… This is tough, my heart aches to see you like this… In my opinion, you should just find a new woman and develop feelings by sleeping together. Leena, come here.”

Tang Chuan waved and called over a sweet looking girl with waist-long hair and a light blue bikini.

“Young Master Tang.” The girl smiled sweetly.

“Come, keep our Young Master Su here company.” Tang Chuan pointed at Su Yu.

The girl immediately understood what Tang Chuan meant, and she walked behind Su Yu to massage his back.

Su Yu rose awkwardly without any hesitation…

“I’m good.”

“Young Master Su… Is it my technique or my strength?” the girl asked innocently.

“Neither, you guys go play, I’m leaving now.”

“Hey… come back, I’ve prepared this party for you…” However, no matter what Tang Chuan said, Su Yu was set on leaving.

He was completely different from the old Su Yu…

“Young Master Tang… I heard that Young Master Su wasn’t like this before…” Today was this girl’s first time meeting Su Yu, and his indifference disappointed her. She heard that many of the A-listers at Imperial Star came to fame after climbing into Su Yu’s bed.

“He wasn’t like this before, but then he met… Ah, I won’t tell you the story, but I feel his heartache.”

Tang Chuan sighed, he felt bad for Su Yu’s inability to escape the wrath of love.

To be truthful, Su Yu didn’t suffer at all. His life even became more meaningful after he met Huo Mian.

He was like a zombie before, living everyday meaninglessly.

No amount of money could buy a single bit of happiness.

Now, he had something to look forward to every day. He felt happy even looking at her Weibo.

He was like a boy who found his first love…

Unlike the others, Su Yu spent his youth in the military.

There were no girls, no beauty queens, and only tough men.

They were faced with hellish training and went through tests of life and death.

To him, Huo Mian was the first girl that he ever liked. So she really was his first love.

Although his love for her was one-sided, it made him taste the sweetness, bitterness, sourness, and spiciness of love.

Sometimes, he greedily prayed to God for a chance with Huo Mian, that she would be with him, even for a little while. He would be fine, even if she left him afterward because at least he would be left with amazing memories.

To Su Yu, his most precious memories formed when he was recovering at South Side.

He even wanted to speed again, so he could tear his ACL and go back to South Side.

However, Huo Mian was no longer the head nurse of the orthopedics department. Now, she was a renowned doctor in South Side’s neurology department.

This woman was so outstanding that she let her talents shine without trying to.

– At South Hill Manor –

After Mr. Qin’s indecent torture, Huo Mian felt sleepy and wanted to close her eyes and just sleep.

However, she heard Qin Chu ask, “Honey, should we invite Su Yu to our Christmas party?”

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