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Season 11

Episode 64

(Xiaowei’s Wedding (5)
“I’m not sure… In the past, I would’ve believed her, but recently I’ve had the feeling that Shi is a little spiteful… and perhaps not everything she says is true.”

“You being able to think that way proves that you still have a brain.” Qin Yumin nodded in admiration.

“What do you mean, Yumin?” Mrs. Qin froze for a second.

“I can’t say too much since I wasn’t there myself, but you have to understand that if one person doesn’t like you, that person might be lying or biased against you… But if no one likes you, then you will have to reflect on yourself. Yishi kept saying that none of Chu and Huo Mian’s friends liked her and teamed up to bully her… If everyone treated her that way, there must be a reason behind that, right? We can’t just blindly believe everything she says…”

“You have a point…” Mrs. Qin began seeing things clearer.

“So, if you want to get to the bottom of this, you can go ask Huo Mian, or… go ask our son,” Qin Yumin suggested, but Mrs. Qin immediately said, “Huo Mian will never admit to anything, and our son will definitely take her side…”

“See, you’re still biased against Huo Mian, aren’t you?”

“No, what I meant was… I could take some time and go to South Hill Manor. Their housekeeper, Li, is a good man. I’m sure he knows exactly what happened.” Mrs. Qin smiled.

“Haha… you’ve gotten much slier and smarter.” Qin Yumin liked how his wife changed after their son’s surgery; she no longer acted like a shrew and stopped blindly believing in everything Song Yishi said.

After Song Yishi left the Qin Manor, she didn’t go home. Instead, she went to a private club with a bunch of girlfriends.

She was a woman of special status, so she would never go to places like Seductive Fox, afraid that media outlets would make a big deal out of nothing.

She didn’t want anyone to know where she was headed, so she parked her car outside her building and asked a friend to pick her up; Song Yishi was a woman who knew how to conceal herself…

– Inside a private club –

Five socialites sat inside a giant room, puffing on cigars as they chatted. Each of them was accompanied by a male model; although it was deep into winter, the heat was on very high, so none of the models were wearing shirts, exposing their sexy, well-built bodies.

In the upper-class society, both men and women were corrupt – money was a great thing, one would do anything they wanted with it…

“Yishi…” one of the women stood up to greet Song Yishi and pulled her down to sit beside her.

Then, the woman picked up a Russian cigar and passed it to Song Yishi, who took it in her hand and lit it up with extreme familiarity, all while wearing a depressed expression on her face.

“Peter, go keep our Goddess Yishi company,” that woman ordered, and a good-looking male model stood up and walked over to her.

However, Song Yishi immediately rejected him, “No, get away from me. I’m in a bad mood.”

“What’s wrong, Yishi? Who had the guts to piss you off?” the woman laughed, to which Song Yishi replied a tad impatiently, “I don’t want to talk about it… I’m so annoyed.”

“Tell us, perhaps we can help you.,” the woman offered; the others were doing all sorts of inappropriate stuff with the male models.

Song Yishi was used to this, so she didn’t look surprised. “I don’t need you guys to help me. If she really pisses me off enough, I’m going to make sure she disappears forever…”

At the thought of her being forced by Huo Mian into singing Tibetan Plateau earlier tonight, every fiber in her body felt humiliated.

Little did she know that Huo Mian already went easy on her… If it were Zhu Lingling or Jiang Xiaowei, she would be forced into licking someone’s shoe, running around half-naked, or peeing while singing.

Therefore, humans shouldn’t be too greedy, but it now seemed like Huo Mian’s mercy was her biggest flaw.

The party at South Hill Manor didn’t end until 3 AM… Although Huo Mian asked them to stay again and again, they still all left, leaving only her and Qin Chu in their giant living room.

“Honey… did you have a good time?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t bad.” Huo Mian nodded.

“Then can I have a good time now?” Qin Chu asked with a smile on his face.

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